lupus tenebrae

Not really much to say about myself, really, just that my poetry will tell you anything you'd ever like to know. Speaking of, here's one on me:

Lamplight casts its
Inconspicuous shadow, exhaling
Neon nicotine in attempts to defile the air:
Dispersing as an unassuming vapor
Somewhere over

-Neon Nicotine

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"Wherever there's smoke, someone's thinking too hard." ~My cousin

When one tries to master something, it ends in either success or failure. But it is in the attempt itself where you find the true value. Believe in your own power and walk your own path." ~Oki (Okami)

"I'm two eyes looking out of a suit of armor. I write because I can't talk." ~May Swenson

"Picture what you wish to become, if you wish to become that picture". ~Stuart Dischell

"Optimist: someone who isn't sure whether life is a tragedy or a comedy but is tickled silly just to be in the play." ~Robert Brault

“Writing is a kind of revenge against circumstance too: bad luck, loss, pain. If you make something out of it, then you’ve no longer been bested by these events.” ~Louise Glück

"Be well, do good work and keep in touch." ~Garrison Keillor


And please check out our new chapbook, Offerings, co-written and published with DP's own GhettoZombie and ColorMeToxic, super stoked to finally be getting our verses out there.

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lupus tenebrae's Works

Journal (Comedy)2013-02-1002/09/2013
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Poetry 2015-09-16A Brush With Brisk Autumn (Contest Entry)
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Poetry (Satire)2014-02-24A Cheesy Love Poem
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Poetry 2014-04-24A Cobweb Glistens
Poetry (Structured)0000-00-00A Crayon, Wax Unbroken
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Poetry (Structured)2012-12-02A Fox in Mere Embers
Poetry 2013-10-21A Frigid Autumn Morning
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Poetry (Reflective)2013-04-14A Hint of Rust
Poetry 2013-02-11A Hometown Mystery
Poetry 2015-08-30A Letter Debunking a Damnable Man
Poetry (Abuse)2014-10-15A Letter Regarding Old Daddy Issues
Poetry 2016-03-24A Missive in the Sky
Poetry 2013-06-28A Moonshade's Brief Repose
Poetry 2014-04-25A Mourning Dove Trembles
Poetry (Reflective)2012-10-21A Nod to Hearses
Poetry (Comedy)2014-04-30A Pen, in Gravity's Hands
Other (Philosophical)2012-03-28A Poem Whisperer
Poetry (Personal)2013-11-14A Prism in Cosplay
Poetry 2013-11-25A Rattling Verse
Poetry (Haiku)2012-10-07A Series of Blue
Poetry (Tribute)2013-06-11A Simple, Starless Night
Poetry 2013-10-13A Timid Goodnight
Poetry 2013-07-17Acquiesce to Longing
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2012-02-19Adventures in the Anticlimactic
Poetry 2014-04-28After-Dinner Mint
Poetry (Structured)2012-03-15Aiglatson Detrevni
Poetry (Reflective)2013-02-21Amaterasu
Poetry (Structured)2012-01-29An Acoustic Autumn Eve
Poetry 2014-05-29An Irksome Patina
Poetry 2015-01-14An Old Campfire Poem
Other 2013-03-19Annual Collab?
Poetry 2014-04-02Antique Mind
Poetry (Fiction)2012-08-07Apples to Abstract
Poetry 2012-10-31Aptly Named Meadow
Poetry (Fiction)2012-08-11Aquaphobia
Poetry 0000-00-00Arid Speech
Poetry 2015-10-05Ashen, Buried and Contained (ft. GhettoZombie & Tribeth)
Poetry (Philosophical)2012-02-16Attic of the Mind
Poetry 2013-02-19Aurburn, Lost in Monoxide
Poetry (Structured)0000-00-00Austere Cloak of Night (ft. GhettoZombie & ColorMeToxic)
Poetry (Structured)2012-11-07Autumn, Nevermore
Poetry (Reflective)2012-09-30Azure Tigers, Bengal Demons
Poetry 2013-06-03Barely Verdant Prison
Poetry 2014-05-02Before the Show Begins
Poetry (Spiritual)2012-11-23Black in Friday's Silhouette
Poetry 0000-00-00Blacktop; Static and Sprawling
Poetry (Satire)2012-04-12Breath to Burning
Poetry 2014-04-19Brier Patch
Poetry 0000-00-00Bronzed and Beaming Through Smoke
Poetry (Philosophical)2012-06-18Brother of Straw
Poetry 2013-05-21Brown, Banded, Still Fearing Heights
Poetry (Love)0000-00-00Brushwork in the Bridgeport Eve
Poetry 2015-10-08Buckeyes Nestling in the Shade
Poetry (Personal)2012-03-02Burnt Bridges and Clean Air
Poetry (Personal)2012-03-21By Night, I'm Relieved
Poetry (Personal)2012-08-14By the Fire's Light
Poetry 2015-03-10Carnations, Jutting Skyward
Poetry (Love)0000-00-00Cascading Waters
Poetry (Comedy)2012-04-04Cat's Eye Ninjutsu
Poetry 2014-04-29Chai Tea
Poetry (Structured)2012-04-01Chamber Rock for Fools
Poetry 2012-12-20Chamomile Winter
Poetry (Love)2013-07-29Chasing a Goddess Through the Sky
Poetry (Structured)0000-00-00Cicada; Curious, Uncertain
Poetry (Philosophical)2012-04-28Classic Alchemy
Poetry (Structured)2016-01-21Clockwork Madness
Poetry (Abuse)2015-04-18Closet Space
Poetry (Love)2013-09-29Clouds are Always Spelling Something
Poetry (Tribute)2012-09-29Colour Me Thankful
Poetry 2012-02-12Comatose on Cloud Nine (feat. Spikey)
Poetry (Philosophical)2012-05-06Confounding the Spirit
Poetry 2012-08-16Conscience
Poetry 2012-12-25Constellation Demigod
Poetry (Structured)2012-02-24Copper Coloured Mirror
Poetry (Structured)2012-11-26Craft This Sterling Trestle
Review (Non-Fiction)2012-03-18Crash Canyon
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2012-11-14Creamy, White, in Secret
Poetry (Spiritual)2013-01-28Creek-side Consultation
Poetry 2012-12-05Cure What Ails
Poetry (Structured)2016-04-06Daffodils, Gilded with Sunlight
Poetry (Comedy)2015-08-24Daft-Berry, Pining for Solomon's Lily
Poetry (Tribute)2013-04-22Dandelion Daydreams
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2012-09-20Dark Room Days
Poetry (Abuse)2014-01-31Dear Father
Poetry (Non-Fiction)0000-00-00Deer, In Coarsest Coat
Graphic Art 2013-03-31Dereliction and Divine
Poetry (Structured)2012-09-28Descending Flower
Poetry (Tribute)2012-03-13Desert Dawn (patrotism)
Other 2015-03-04Dial 1 For Poetry Contest
Poetry (Haiku)2014-04-09Dog-Eared and Out of Place
Poetry (Depressed)2012-08-18Don't Leave Just Yet
Poetry (Structured)2012-03-30Double Dose
Poetry (Reflective)0000-00-00Dragonflies Dancing in Courtship
Poetry 0000-00-00Dreary Days
Poetry (Reflective)2015-11-21Driftwood; Stranded Ashore
Poetry (Philosophical)2014-05-30Drive for the Sake of Driving
Poetry (Structured)2012-11-04Dust and Tradition
Poetry (Personal)2012-06-10Early Morning's Lullaby
Poetry (Tribute)0000-00-00Ecstatic Light
Poetry (Depressed)2012-04-28Empty Words
Poetry 2015-07-03Engines, Sputtering In Unison
Poetry 2014-12-29Entwined in Sweet Impasse
Poetry (Reflective)2012-08-22Evening Personified
Poetry (Reflective)2014-04-20Eyes, Like Gold Coins
Poetry (Abuse)2012-04-22Fair Maiden, Unrelenting
Poetry (Spiritual)2012-02-14Fallen Angel's Empathy
Poetry (Tribute)2011-11-06Farewell...and Stay Safe
Poetry 0000-00-00Fathomless Sky
Poetry (Personal)2015-03-30Fears, Made Tangible
Poetry 2014-04-26Feathers, Leaving No Trace
Poetry (Fiction)2013-02-27February Moon
Poetry (Love)2014-04-03Figment
Poetry 2015-02-25Flurries, Bearing Epics
Poetry (Structured)2012-06-28For Naught or Remedy
Poetry 2012-06-24Forty Finches in the Leaves
Poetry (Spiritual)2013-05-12Fragile Nature
Poetry 2015-01-13Freight Train, Jarred From Slumber
Poetry (Tribute)2014-12-07Friday Night Silver
Poetry 2015-11-06Friendship Bracelet
Poetry (Structured)2012-10-09Fringes on the Crimson Tree
Poetry 2012-06-19From the Skylight
Poetry (Reflective)2012-05-02Full Bloom Beads of Night
Poetry (Reflective)2012-06-12Funnel Forms
Poetry (Satire)2012-06-11Generic Love Poem
Poetry (Structured)2012-10-04Ghost of the River
Poetry (Personal)2012-06-07Golden Sickle, on the Mend
Poetry 2012-09-24Goldfinches and Reapers
Poetry (Reflective)2012-05-09Green Elephant
Poetry (Structured)2012-10-03Green is the Colour of L'amore
Poetry (Love)0000-00-00Grown Wiser With Passing Time
Poetry (Comedy)2015-04-01Gurge Housecarl
Poetry 2013-06-24Gyros on Parade
Poetry (Tribute)2012-02-17Harmony, Graffiti and All
Poetry 2014-04-21Headache
Poetry 2014-04-27Headlong, Into a Bed of Thorns
Poetry (Structured)0000-00-00Hedge Apples
Poetry (Structured)0000-00-00Heritage Port; Pristine and Preserved
Poetry (Fiction)2012-10-05High as a Kite in Descent
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2013-01-23Hillview's Younger Facets
Poetry 2014-04-18Holding No Water
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2014-07-28How a Poet Tips His Waitress
Poetry (Spiritual)2012-08-27I'm Listening
Poetry (Reflective)2013-02-03I've Seen Stranger Dust
Poetry 2014-12-17Ice Quake Poltergeists
Poetry (Satire)2013-04-19Ichor Falls and Skies of Grey
Poetry (Structured)0000-00-00Impermanent Reams
Poetry 2013-07-05In Anticipation of the Dance
Poetry (Structured)2014-12-14Indian Summer Breeze
Poetry (Love)2012-03-17Irish Rose
Poetry 2013-01-19Its Branches are as Blankets
Poetry 0000-00-00June Horizon
Poetry (Spiritual)2012-03-22Just Me and Little Dipper
Poetry (Structured)2012-02-15Kaleidoscope November
Poetry (Love)2012-08-10Kinderstruck by You
Poetry 2013-06-01Languishing, Warring, in Reverie ~Collab~
Poetry (Structured)0000-00-00Lanterns, Glinting With Overcast Light
Poetry (Love)2012-10-11Lavender Siren
Poetry 2013-01-02Lead Curtain Over You
Poetry 2012-12-08Life Personifying
Poetry (Satire)2012-02-13Lightly Treading Through Desire
Poetry (Personal)2014-07-26Limelight
Poetry 2013-03-25Littered with Memoirs
Poetry (Personal)2012-03-19Live for the Stage
Poetry 2012-08-13London Fog
Poetry 2013-01-30Lost in Moonspeak
Poetry (Reflective)2012-03-10Lost on Auroras
Poetry 2014-12-03Lost, Found and Untitled
Poetry (Political)2012-07-05Luminescent, Painted White
Poetry 2012-08-28Lying Steel Guitar
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2015-01-20Madman, Butchering Verse
Poetry (Structured)2012-04-09Marble in your Name
Poetry 2013-05-27Marshmallow Soot
Poetry (Tribute)2012-08-29Memoir of my Nikes
Poetry (Tribute)2012-02-25Memorial to the East
Poetry (Love)2012-10-23Metal Detector
Poetry (Love)2012-12-11Mimicing a Deathwatch
Poetry 2014-04-17Mistakes, After Sunset
Poetry (Reflective)2012-12-29Misty Grey Road
Poetry 2012-08-19Molting Phoenix Feathers
Poetry 2015-01-19Morning
Poetry (Love)2012-04-14Moth Bitten Beauty
Poetry (Comedy)2012-04-23Muffin Slave
Poetry 2013-04-03Musings in an Afternoon
Poetry (Horror)2012-09-22Must be My Tired Mind...
Poetry 2014-04-05My Little Sunspot
Poetry (Love)0000-00-00My Moonlight
Poetry (Personal)2014-05-11My Mother and Angel
Poetry (Structured)2012-06-22My Serrated Angel
Poetry (Spiritual)2012-06-15Nature in Precession
Poetry 2015-01-23Neon Nicotine
Poetry (Love)2014-09-17Nervous Hands
Poetry (Personal)2012-10-20Nothing Ventured...
Poetry (Tribute)2015-01-25Noxious Majesty
Poetry (Structured)2012-10-01Ocarina
Poetry (Love)2013-03-27Of Hellespont Sea and Bone ~Prelude~
Poetry (Reflective)2012-02-18Of Lace and Solder
Poetry (Tribute)2012-03-31Oglebay
Poetry (Love)2012-09-10Once a Friend of Olivine
Poetry 2013-09-25One Dimension Short
Poetry 2014-04-16Otherworldly Folk Song
Poetry (Love)2012-11-01Our Maritime Moment
Poetry (Love)2012-10-18Our Secret Colonnades
Poetry 2012-11-20Oxidizing, Yellow Metal
Poetry 2012-03-28Padded Room
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2012-08-14Palms Carry Blackouts
Poetry 2016-03-11Paper-Thin Petals
Poetry (Structured)2012-11-30Parallel by Nature (ft. Devilish)
Poetry 2014-03-03Parting Threads
Poetry 0000-00-00Passing Cars On Cruel Repeat
Poetry (Comedy)2012-09-12Pasteboard Pronghorns
Poetry (Love)2012-10-16Pastel Pink Fluorescence
Poetry (Philosophical)2012-04-10Pay the Porcelain Piper
Poetry (Fiction)2013-01-14Penny for my Thoughts
Poetry 2013-04-05Phantom Placebo
Poetry 2013-03-10Phosphorescent North
Poetry 2012-11-28Pillowing in Flurried Sleep
Poetry 0000-00-00Pillowy Earth
Poetry 2012-08-17Pizzelles
Poetry 0000-00-00Playful Sprigs Of Maple
Poetry (Philosophical)2014-04-06Poems Just Waiting to Happen
Poetry (Love)2012-06-06Poet and Painter
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2014-04-14Pong
Poetry (Haiku)2014-04-12Portrait of a Crooked Sky
Poetry 2012-06-14Postcard from my Dreams
Poetry 2013-03-20Potpourri in Sunlight
Poetry 2012-09-04Powdered Sugar-ese
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2012-07-03Professing the Little Things
Poetry 2013-04-16Promises in Stillness
Poetry (Haiku)2014-04-08Puddle
Poetry 2013-02-13Quaker City
Poetry (Structured)2012-05-03Quiet, Leaves at Play
Poetry 2013-04-27Radios and Phonographs
Poetry (Reflective)2012-07-06Rainbow Slurry
Poetry (Depressed)2012-09-18Raw Citrus Peels
Poetry 2013-04-29Red Sunrise
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2014-04-23Red-Winged Blackbird
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2012-05-04Remember Me Nots
Poetry (Philosophical)2012-04-05Retracing Mental Miles
Poetry (Tribute)2012-06-26Reunion of Locusts
Poetry (Philosophical)2012-03-16Reverb on the Brain
Poetry (Structured)2012-04-24Rhododendron Years
Poetry 0000-00-00Ribbons, Crimped and Frail
Poetry (Tribute)2012-03-23Robin's Song
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2014-10-01Rufous Hints of Autumn
Poetry 2015-04-26Rustic Flame
Poetry (Haiku)2012-04-11Sandman's Stars
Poetry (Personal)2012-02-22Sash of Beaded Ice
Poetry (Structured)2012-02-21Saturn's Poetry
Poetry 2013-02-25Scarlet Venoms, Worn
Poetry (Reflective)2012-08-20Screen Door Floodgates
Poetry (Reflective)2013-03-02Seafoam at a Dream's Behest
Poetry 2013-09-18See the Footprints for the Ground
Poetry (Depressed)2012-03-11Shadow Pen
Poetry (Structured)2012-03-12Silence is Golden
Poetry (Spiritual)2012-06-13Silver in the Murk
Poetry (Reflective)2012-04-06Single with Espresso
Poetry 2013-02-07Skyline
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2012-01-30Skywriting
Poetry (Love)2013-02-14Slimming in Grey Heels
Poetry (Reflective)2012-02-29Small Town Stripes
Poetry 2012-08-15Snow Capped Tulips
Poetry 2013-04-02Snow Caps
Poetry (Haiku)2014-04-07Somewhere, a Tree Bends
Poetry 2014-03-19Spiral Notebook
Poetry (Philosophical)2012-03-14Spiritual Vacuum
Poetry 2013-03-04Spring Thaw
Poetry (Haiku)2014-04-13Spring, After Nature's Heart
Poetry 2015-02-04Stained Glass, Sullied With Age
Poetry (Love)2012-12-16Star-crossed in Perigee
Poetry (Structured)2016-04-14Steel-Clad, Sprouting Anew
Poetry (Philosophical)2012-02-23Stolen Poetry
Poetry 2016-02-20Stones and Miscellany
Poetry (Reflective)2013-07-12Strumming, Once More with Feeling
Poetry 0000-00-00Sum of Her Tears
Poetry (Tribute)2012-02-02Summer Tableau
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2014-02-13Sunny-Side Up and Picturesque
Poetry (Reflective)2012-09-03Sunset Screwdriver
Poetry (Fiction)2012-05-01Technicolor Bells
Poetry (Satire)2012-04-19Ten Feet Below...
Poetry 0000-00-00Tendrils of Fog
Poetry (Tribute)2012-06-08The Black Horse Inn
Poetry 0000-00-00The Cloudy Grime of Infant Streams
Poetry (Spiritual)2012-11-12The Elusive Indigo
Poetry (Spiritual)2012-03-25The Final Observer (with ColorMeToxic)
Poetry (Haiku)2014-07-23The Finite Grace of Sunset
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2012-02-26The High Road Walker
Poetry (Personal)2012-06-17The Last Bandage
Poetry (Fiction)2012-08-25The Little Flying Colt
Poetry (Spiritual)2013-03-16The March of Choice
Poetry 2016-03-02The Skin of Station Sue Sue
Poetry 2016-04-16The Sky; Its Wispy Veil Dispelled
Poetry (Reflective)2013-03-12The Source
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2012-08-26The Tea Girl from North Korea
Poetry (Fiction)2012-09-25The Unamused Ferryman
Poetry 2014-11-22The Untainted Snow
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2012-09-16These Brick Halls
Poetry (Reflective)2012-02-20They Fall Like Cinders in Orbit
Poetry 2013-01-15Thieves Bereft of Night
Poetry 2012-02-27Third Banana
Poetry (Personal)2012-04-02To Miss a Lummox
Poetry 2013-01-10Too Obvious for Metaphor
Poetry (Haiku)2014-04-11Towhee
Poetry 0000-00-00Transient Silk
Poetry (Tribute)0000-00-00Treasures Resting in the Rough
Poetry 2012-12-18Trespassing, Vaporous Ink
Poetry (Satire)2012-11-02Twilight Musing
Poetry (Personal)2015-02-14Two Spirits, Sharing Space
Poetry 2013-12-28Uncertain Heart
Poetry 2014-05-05Unfastened
Poetry (Love)2013-12-07Unrequited, with a Liqueur Aftertaste
Poetry 2016-01-11Vase of Tempered Blue
Poetry (Structured)2012-11-05Velvet Black Corsage
Poetry 0000-00-00Vestigial Gleam
Poetry (Ironic)2012-06-25Victim of Design
Poetry (Tribute)2012-08-24Victorian Contrasts
Poetry 0000-00-00Vines, Clambering Up Handrails
Poetry (Depressed)2012-11-19Wander, Young Poet
Poetry (Tribute)0000-00-00War
Poetry (Comedy)2012-11-29Wary of Salesman
Poetry (Love)2013-05-09Wax Poetic, Timeless Eyes
Poetry (Reflective)2012-06-20We'll Meet at the Last Cafe
Poetry 2014-04-15Web of Circuitry
Poetry (Tribute)0000-00-00Wegee Creek
Poetry (Tribute)2012-04-17Well-Wishing a Headstone
Poetry 2016-02-01What Heralds the Imminent Spring?
Poetry 0000-00-00What Stirs On an October Day
Poetry (Structured)2012-11-17Wheeling Streets ~Paradelle~
Poetry 2014-04-22When There's No Light
Poetry 0000-00-00White Chocolate Caramel Cappuccino
Short Story 2012-06-13White Letter Currency
Poetry (Reflective)2012-12-22White Poinsettia Day
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2012-04-21Whiteness
Poetry (Reflective)2014-09-04Wind-Stirred Orchestra
Poetry (Reflective)2014-04-04Windy Day
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2012-12-13Wistful, Mayan Eyes
Poetry (Tribute)2012-02-28Wooden Eagles
Poetry (Fiction)2012-04-25Words Escape the Ether
Poetry (Reflective)2013-04-11Worries: Gone and Smoldering
Poetry (Depressed)2012-10-12Xenodochial Eyes
Poetry (Personal)2013-04-07You Have Cried, Young Cardinal
Poetry (Personal)2012-09-26You Spoke from Beyond the Crosses
Poetry (Love)2012-09-28Your December Scent
Lyrics 2012-05-08Yuletide Coffee Mug
Poetry (Spiritual)2012-09-02blue moon in hiding
Poetry (Spiritual)2013-01-01halos of rhapsodies in ending (w/ ColorMeToxic)
Poetry 2012-08-22how to lose patience
Poetry 2012-08-31maroon, blending in
Poetry (Spiritual)2012-09-13reverent east, westward worship (ft. Amaryllis)
Poetry (Personal)2012-08-08something once nostalgic
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2012-08-09what lies between alabaster sills?
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