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Perhaps we were never meant to be
But here we stand
With our backs to the sea
Hoping against hope
For a wave to crush our dreams

Here's to learning young that you can do anything, then living with the constant need to attempt everything.

I'm drunk, and right now I'm so in love with you. And I don't want to think too much about what we should or shouldn't do. Lay my hands on heaven and the sun and moon and the stars, while the devil wants to fuck me in the back of his car. Nothing quite like the feel of something new. - NIN

Purposelessness's Works

Poetry (Reflective)2020-03-18Obvs Sessions
Poetry (Depressed)2020-02-24Yours
Poetry 2020-02-23ai.
Poetry 2020-01-31Sober
Poetry (Love)2019-11-28A Cyclic Drowning
Poetry 2019-03-10Enmeshed In Darkness (Purp's greatest hits)
Poetry 2017-12-16Dimensions on the Way Home
Poetry (Haiku)2017-08-29Were (haiku)
Poetry 2017-08-02Lost Memories, Last Memories
Poetry 2017-06-24Niflheimr
Poetry (Haiku)2017-06-07.
Poetry 2017-03-14King Lizard
Poetry (Philosophical)2017-03-06Modern Slave
Poetry (Love)2017-03-04The End
Poetry (Depressed)2017-03-01Purposelessness
Poetry (Philosophical)2017-02-28Ever Here
Poetry (Depressed)2017-02-26Frailty of Mind
Poetry (Comedy)2017-02-23Ode to the Sad Poet
Poetry (Philosophical)2017-02-22The Folly of Faith
Poetry (Depressed)2017-02-21The Red Lick of Her Fire: Another Month
Poetry (Philosophical)2017-02-01Human Again
Poetry 2017-01-31Insomnia Cure
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