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Back for an encore; more senior and completely sober. I'm a better poet now, and a better person (even my wife agrees). Cheers all! - Dan

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Poetry (Reflective)2020-06-27The Quatrain Has Left the Station
Poetry (Philosophical)2020-06-19Drums Across Time III
Poetry (Satire)2020-05-28Prelude to Slaughter IV
Poetry (Philosophical)2020-05-21Harvest Moon
Poetry (Fantasy)2020-05-15Guinea Pig
Poetry (Fantasy)2020-05-12Entrepreneur
Poetry (Political)2020-05-10Minion
Poetry (Philosophical)2020-05-02Party Time
Poetry (Political)2020-04-27Asymptomatic in Salem
Poetry (Satire)2020-04-26The Schism
Poetry (Satire)2020-04-14The Use of Fear (sonnet)
Poetry (Structured)2020-03-30Garden of Nede (sonnet)
Poetry (Satire)2020-03-28Disciplinarian
Poetry (Reflective)2019-10-20Why We Believe II
Poetry (Structured)2019-08-05Peace by Pieces (villanellish)
Poetry (Political)2018-12-21The Charade (villanellish)
Poetry (Satire)2018-03-29Dilated Pupils II
Poetry (Political)2018-03-23Death Throes
Poetry (Reflective)2018-02-20Death of Aquarius
Poetry (Structured)2018-01-31Tumor for Your Thoughts?
Poetry (Satire)2018-01-04Pasture.ized
Poetry (Reflective)2017-11-17Snipped
Poetry (Philosophical)2017-11-08Two Feet Bad* Sonnet
Poetry (Personal)2017-07-07For Mom (villanelle)
Poetry (Fiction)2017-06-23The Caretaker
Poetry (Satire)2017-05-31Back to the Branches
Poetry (Philosophical)2017-04-26When Guns Go Silent
Poetry (Personal)2017-03-18Iconoclast II
Poetry (Fantasy)2017-02-22Stardust Memories (villanelle)
Poetry (Reflective)2017-02-20Bwana
Poetry (Philosophical)2017-02-09Drums Across Time II (villanelle)
Poetry (Spiritual)2017-02-03The House of Man
Poetry (Tribute)2017-01-23The Burning - Army of the Dead
Poetry (Structured)2016-12-07It Burns (villanelle in monorhyme)
Poetry (Structured)0000-00-00The X.tra Terrestrial Genome
Poetry 2016-11-22Agent Provocateur
Poetry (Satire)0000-00-00Big Sister
Poetry (Political)2016-10-15Fait Accompli
Poetry (Philosophical)0000-00-00The Writes of Spring (villanelle)
Poetry (Satire)2014-11-02Wisdom of the Youth (villanelle)
Poetry (Love)2014-10-28My Promise (sonnet)
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