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I am mostly an optimist,
who, on occasion,
speaks in shards of glass.


Maladroit 's Works

Poetry (Personal)2018-05-01Tether Weather
Graphic Art (Non-Fiction)2017-05-10Swaying Silent
Poetry 2013-11-11Mouthful of Feathers
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2013-10-20Gearbox{ing}
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2013-10-19Eye Eater
Poetry 2013-08-31Gaslighting Baby
Poetry (Personal)2013-08-30Reservation of Violence, Tapped
Graphic Art (Non-Fiction)2013-08-16Powder Parallels
Poetry 2013-07-28Circumstantial Evidence
Poetry (Personal)2013-07-24Send the Girl Tip-Toes
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2013-05-20Allocating Sun Rays
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2012-11-01Signed, The Greedy Poet
Poetry (Personal)2012-10-20Alley Cat Habits
Poetry (Love)2012-10-17Decelerate
Poetry 2012-10-07Boxed Beginnings
Poetry 2012-10-05Sex with a Twin
Poetry 2012-09-18Pertaining to us
Poetry (Love)2012-09-03Phantosmia of Rain
Poetry (Personal)2012-09-02Puceau
Poetry (Personal)2012-08-19Unalloyed
Poetry (Personal)2012-08-16DNR
Poetry (Personal)2012-08-15Kudzu Memoir
Poetry (Personal)2012-08-13Ameliorating me to Deaf
Graphic Art (Personal)2012-08-09Entropy
Poetry (Personal)2012-07-28Neutered Limbic system
Poetry (Reflective)2012-07-24Organic You
Poetry (Personal)2012-07-18Ensorcelling
Poetry (Love)2012-07-15Sex with a Box
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