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Works 10 35 200 400
Max Work Size (per) 1k (very short) 2k (short) 8k (long) 32k (huge)
Dues (in $ USD) $0.00 $49/yr  $19/yr
$16/qtr $5/qtr
$6/mo  $2/mo
Post Anonymously yes yes yes yes
Basic Email Notifications yes yes yes yes
Run Contests no yes yes yes
Basic Works Reordering no yes yes yes
Full Works Reordering  no no yes yes
HTML in Profile/Works no no yes yes
Ghost Login no no yes yes
Downloadable Stats no no yes yes
Members-Only Profile no no yes yes
Post Graphical Works no no yes yes
Front-Page Works no no yes* yes
Advanced Notifications no no yes yes
Roving Chatbox yes yes yes yes
Complete Profile Styling no no no yes
Free Username Change no no no yes
Archival PDFs of Works no no no yes
Post Audio Works no no no yes
Works Recovery Service no no no no
All Notifications no no no yes
Download Chat Log no no no yes
Newest Features no no no yes

* Works must have an extremely high Workrank to compete with Gold members for the front page spot.

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These features are subject to routine adjustment and alterations.  Last modified Oct 19, 2014 to remove outdated promotions and clarify works ordering feature.

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