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DarkPoetry's mission is to make a safe and supportive place available to people who express their oftentimes painful emotions and experiences through writing. Every day we work to change lives by encouraging supportive behavior, recognizing artistry, and removing roadblocks to self expression.

Our active members are often fallen on hard times. Returning veterans, young people dealing with the overwhelming melancholy of their time of life, survivors of unspeakable crimes, and many others. They often have the will to contribute but lack the means. Maybe you've been there.

The need is real. As of early 2014, the site contains over 16,000 lines of code, and would cost more than half a million dollars to produce according to standard software development metrics. The creator contributed all of this work over the course of more than a decade. With current revenues from membership alone, it would take more than 50 years to pay for itself. Most non-profits would close the doors with figures like that. But we won't.

You can help keep this resource available to others by maintaining an active membership. Or, if you prefer, consider donating any amount to help keep DarkPoetry an active and vibrant community where people help each other up and out of their troubles and into happier lives.

Also, you can send us Dogecoins. Our address is DCyCwuK6hAF5FmFqZ9Pn9o6cPNAHeqEFUN
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