About DarkPoetry

Welcome to the nation of DarkPoetry


Monarchy. All governmental control is in the hands of the beneviolent ruler.

The DarkPoetry Council rules in day to day affairs.


Frequent fluctuation: in the last 10 years, over 20,000 individuals have come and gone, with about 10% of those staying for the long term.  Plenty of people to form a strong community, in any case.


Generally friendly and sincere, with favorable weather for those wishing to be a part of the society. Freak storms known to strike miscreants.

DarkPoetry Coucil

Original producer, neglector in chief, and high horseman: DarkPoet

The Council of Lords and Ladies, aka: those who keep this thing happening, can be found on the membership roster.


DarkPoetry exists on a small aluminum alloy ring with a ferrite coated surface rotating thousands of times per minute. It is on the continent of Linux and in the planet of swerveropia where it's always a little hotter than average due to the dual Xeonic winds.


DarkPoet is generally regarded as the God of the universe of DarkPoetry as he giveth and he taketh awayeth. Some forms of ancestor worship have been observed, as well as worshipping of heathen gods. DarkPoetry is an equal opportunity worshipper.


Thousands of visitors of all sorts visit every day. This would imply a great interest on the part of the visitors and many return visitors. We have no current knowledge about tourism due to a volcanic eruption in or a spaceship collision depending on who you ask.

Mundane Stuff

DarkPoetry.com is operated by DarkPoetry, LLC from Portland, OR. Prior to December 1st, 2012, DarkPoetry.com was owned and operated by GeniusWeb.com , LLC .

The human behind it is described in the above hyperbole.

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