Your DarkPoetry Council

You can view the current council members at any time by viewing the member roster.

What is DarkPoetry Council?

The Council is a lot like a board of directors: The Council provides guidance on policy matters and works to keep DarkPoetry a pleasant place for all. We try to have about one councilor per 100 active members.

Council members also have some special powers for moderating the site.

Council members are people who live by the following values
  • They emulate DarkPoetry's community values
  • A desire to promote poetry as a therapeutic and sanity preserving activity
  • Levelheadedness and good social skills
  • Natural leadership ability
  • At least one council position is based largely on outstanding talent as a writer
  • A history of acting in DarkPoetry's best interest

So How Can They Help Me?

If you observe problems on DarkPoetry, whether from members acting abusively to other members (crime #1) or breaking other rules that we have to keep the peace, you should contact a Council member about it.

You'll soon realize who the more active Council members are by observing the chat activity or the "Who's on" box.

Are They Elected?

"Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job." - Douglas Adams, HHGTG

Council members are appointed for indefinite terms by DarkPoet and/or Velvet_Raventon who are the ultimate authorities.

Asking to become a Council member will always result in an answer of "absolutely not." Council members are appointed as needed, and they sometimes don't even expect to be chosen for the position.

The criteria for being a council member are many, and the election of members is somewhat arbitrary, but in general, the appointed tend to be the right person for their time.

What If One Goes Rogue And Kills Us?  Can They Be Fired?

Sure, but we've never had to do that. In the rare event that someone has a problem with the behavior of a Council member, they should contact DarkPoet or Velvet_Raventon directly, who will work to mediate issues.
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