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Graphic Art 2014-06-14voir les anges
Graphic Art 2014-06-07sunset junction
Graphic Art 2014-05-25can't love a fallen Angel
Graphic Art 2014-05-20tattered poem
Graphic Art 2014-05-04she writes a lonely ode
Graphic Art 2014-04-27vague thief
Graphic Art 2014-04-20untitled threnody
Graphic Art 2014-04-12Emily, gone: memorial
Graphic Art 2014-04-05in schatten
Graphic Art 2014-03-30noir desolate
Graphic Art 2014-03-16Harder than Hollywood
Graphic Art 2014-03-05bistro love song {w/blue angel}
Graphic Art 2014-03-02Angel (Faded) Blue
Graphic Art 2014-02-10Fortuna!
Graphic Art 2014-02-05Violins at Dawn
Graphic Art 2014-02-02love me like a poem
Poetry 2014-01-26sine nomine
Graphic Art 2014-01-19Dance (sacred and profane) w. blue_angel
Graphic Art 2014-01-12lust after me
Graphic Art 2014-01-05don't speak her name
Graphic Art 2014-01-01star, burning slowly
Graphic Art 2013-12-29K*E*N*D*R*A
Graphic Art 2013-12-22Syndalee
Graphic Art 2013-12-15sky of dying stars
Graphic Art 2013-12-01darken your Eyes
Graphic Art 2013-11-27angel in chains
Graphic Art 2013-11-24Pictish girl
Poetry 2013-11-13the alpha of deeds
Poetry 2013-11-10knight errant
Poetry 2013-10-30after sixx
Graphic Art 2013-10-27Blood Game
Graphic Art 2013-10-22Middlemist Camellia
Graphic Art 2013-10-20starlite motel
Graphic Art 2013-10-16revenant nude
Poetry 2013-10-09crooked rainbow
Graphic Art 2013-10-06ever, we are strangers
Graphic Art 2013-10-02gutter for my bed
Graphic Art 2013-09-29Meurtrière Doux
Poetry 2013-09-27distant voices {w.blue angel}
Graphic Art 2013-09-25plain girl
Poetry 2013-09-22sanctuary of shadows
Graphic Art 2013-09-18fire in the rain
Poetry 2013-09-15a sonnet for sinners
Graphic Art 2013-09-14blue smoke siren {w.BlackVelvetRose}
Graphic Art 2013-09-10Maria Mysteree
Graphic Art 2013-09-07gypsy mirror
Graphic Art 2013-09-03fantasy merchant
Poetry 2013-08-31Naked Moon
Graphic Art 2013-08-28a driftwood spirit
Graphic Art 2013-08-26rain-haired woman {w.BlackVelvetRose}
Poetry 2013-08-22Spindrift Romeo, Raindrop Juliet {w.kourtnissixxx}
Graphic Art 2013-08-18pagan eyes!
Graphic Art 2013-08-15girl w/flowered cup
Poetry 2013-08-12Break Down, Sweet Malena {w.blue angel}
Graphic Art 2013-08-11Pornophilian
Poetry 2013-08-07the night calls
Poetry 2013-08-04glory of harlots
Graphic Art 2013-08-02her resume' on a restroom wall
Graphic Art 2013-07-30Daedalean
Graphic Art 2013-07-24long time gone
Poetry 2013-07-17mistress of solitude
Graphic Art 2013-07-14livin' the blues
Graphic Art 2013-07-10juke-box serenade
Graphic Art 2013-07-07siren-song
Poetry 2013-07-03sacrament of dust
Graphic Art 2013-06-30easy-lovin' woman
Graphic Art 2013-06-26Woman, in Her Nudity
Poetry 2013-06-23heartbreak divebar
Graphic Art 2013-06-17piano girl {w.BlackVelvetRose}
Graphic Art 2013-06-12the untidiness handbook
Graphic Art 2013-06-09tapfere Madchen
Poetry 2013-06-05among the stars, love burns
Graphic Art 2013-05-29rush away, angel
Graphic Art 2013-05-26name me forsaken
Graphic Art 2013-05-22Carnal Captive
Graphic Art 2013-05-19glass heart
Graphic Art 2013-05-15orphans of poetry
Poetry 2013-05-12sex w/whoever
Poetry 2013-05-08L.one.LY
Graphic Art 2013-05-05sylph lyric
Graphic Art 2013-05-01psyko doll
Poetry 2013-04-28too many women
Poetry 2013-04-24faded blues
Graphic Art 2013-04-19blue ryder
Graphic Art 2013-04-17Frankenstein's poem
Poetry 2013-04-07ride lonesome
Graphic Art 2013-03-31Elvis & heartbreak
Poetry 2013-03-24Krystallnacht
Graphic Art 2013-03-22girl at a train station
Graphic Art 2013-03-20she's a shadow
Graphic Art 2013-03-18Bloodrose Garden ~ (with Lilith Rose)
Poetry 2013-03-17the bread we wouldn't eat
Poetry 2013-03-07province of darkness
Poetry 2013-03-03she calls me baby
Poetry 2013-02-24broken moon sangria
Poetry 2013-02-19Ariel's passion
Poetry 2013-02-13benediction of suffering
Poetry 2013-02-10this ain't abt a poet
Poetry 2013-02-06only the whores will mourn me
Poetry 2013-01-30you're such a poet
Poetry 2013-01-20nerium love
Poetry 2013-01-13Degenerates in Love
Poetry 2013-01-06in my letter from Vietnam
Poetry 2013-01-02'Rite of Spring' (Stravinsky)
Poetry 2012-12-12persuade me
Poetry 2012-12-02red nails
Poetry 2012-10-31anisette shots & a hooker
Poetry 2012-10-21cry down the rain
Poetry 2012-10-17cardboard kingdom
Poetry 2012-10-07church of canonized tears
Poetry 2012-09-23'ars poetica' abjured
Poetry 2012-09-19bounty hunter
Poetry 2012-09-16a poem is lost
Poetry 2012-08-26my pretend lover
Graphic Art 2012-07-29blueness
Poetry 2012-07-15cry lonely
Poetry 2012-07-09whores & drifters
Poetry 2012-07-02why i f***
Other 2012-05-31Mary-go-round
Poetry 2012-05-21Freud unveils capricious Kismet
Poetry 2012-04-19Warrior: Last Words
Poetry 2012-04-15love (simply love)
Poetry 2012-03-29phantasy dancer
Poetry 2012-03-27Queen of Goodbye
Poetry 2012-02-28lay me down
Poetry 2012-02-20jeans & leather
Poetry 2012-02-07don't call us heroes
Poetry 2012-02-02Technicolor Nightmare
Poetry 2012-01-20not "beautiful"
Poetry 2012-01-16yeah, i got your note
Poetry 2012-01-09a grave in vietnam
Poetry 2012-01-04the moment (you were born for)
Poetry 2011-12-20Muse Of Torment
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