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No one really cares about the demons that dwell within us; all they care for is what you can get them hooked on when your fingers click the keyboard or your thumbs go qwerty...and when ink kisses virgin paper. My writing is not perfect and it's full of cat n mouse...full of emotion...plenty to think on. ENJOY! Maybe one day I'll come back and wipe out all the old and share something new. Until then...this kitty shall lay in slumber.

Deathkitten's Works

Poetry (Love)2013-09-20I'll dance with you
Poetry 2013-09-20I double dare you
Poetry 2013-09-10Succubus
Poetry (Personal)2013-09-10No window l+l
Poetry 2013-09-01@~My Flower Child~@
Poetry 2013-09-01PLAY-TOY
Poetry 2013-08-29(Saturated)
Poetry 2013-08-25How did it get this far?
Poetry (Tribute)2013-08-24Coincidentally...
Poetry (Philosophical)2013-08-17Understanding Knowledge
Poetry (Personal)2013-08-13[My Life]
Poetry (Tribute)2013-08-09Lifeless
Poetry 2013-08-08:Unfailing Me:
Poetry 2013-08-06The Devil made me do it...
Poetry (Reflective)2013-08-05*~Deep Down~*
Poetry (Personal)2013-08-04Just like a "cutter"
Poetry (Personal)2013-08-03Run Away: Welcome to [North Carolina]
Poetry (Personal)2013-08-03*=Satisfy Me=*
Poetry 2013-08-02xXBuild the MasterXx
Poetry 2013-07-29~Element: Oceanic~
Poetry 2013-07-26+Teach me helpless+
Poetry (Personal)2013-07-23KILL IT!
Poetry 2013-07-21The Villain: The Victim
Poetry (Love)2013-07-20The fate we can believe in*
Poetry 2013-07-17Those were the days?
Poetry (Personal)2013-07-17Dissociative? Maybe
Poetry 2013-07-14Just make me "okay"
Poetry 2013-07-11Willingly; Against your will
Poetry (Personal)2013-07-11The StronGer Side of Me
Poetry 2013-07-07~Before The Break~
Poetry 2013-07-04Tell me i'm lying...
Poetry (Personal)2013-07-01A numb I can trust
Poetry 2013-06-30Yeah, look at you
Poetry 2013-06-29[Investing in Me]
Poetry 2013-06-27.*Wicked Women*.
Poetry 2013-06-23[Pain_is_God]
Poetry 2013-06-22That broken record
Poetry 2013-06-19~Breath-less~
Poetry 2013-06-16Your Father's Day Gift
Poetry 2013-06-10-The Clincher-
Poetry (Personal)2013-06-07Rain-kissed Lips
Poetry (Personal)2013-06-07Etch A Sketch: Malfunctioning
Poetry (Reflective)2013-06-07The Moon
Poetry (Personal)2013-06-06The Grey
Poetry 2013-06-05Enema
Poetry (Personal)2013-06-03Who I am
Poetry 2013-05-30Black-blooded
Poetry (Philosophical)2013-05-29Make Your Way
Poetry (Personal)2013-05-26Please set me free
Poetry 2013-05-25I hope you don't care
Poetry 2013-05-23Crumbling the Page
Poetry 2013-05-23Dissect & Preserve
Poetry 2013-05-21Kitten- The one you want to keep
Poetry (Ironic)2013-05-19My Little One- Addiction
Poetry 2013-05-19Revolver- RR
Poetry (Depressed)2013-05-18Mortal Maze
Poetry (Personal)2013-05-15Dark Mother
Poetry (Personal)2013-05-13Ahh
Poetry (Depressed)2013-05-08Your Vacant Beauty
Poetry (Personal)2013-04-29The Field Full of Stone
Poetry (Love)2013-04-29The sounds she makes
Poetry (Personal)2013-04-28I thought you should know
Poetry 2013-04-27Kissed at the seal
Poetry (Personal)2013-04-05My Wall
Poetry 2013-03-27Set me free
Poetry 2013-03-25Full moon
Poetry 2013-03-20Tacky-eyed
Poetry (Personal)2013-03-13Numb
Poetry (Personal)2013-03-125yrs and 4 days
Poetry 2013-03-10Insatiable Hunger
Poetry (Personal)2013-03-07Confession concession
Poetry 2013-03-07Unholy
Poetry 2013-02-18Is this seduction?
Poetry (Horror)2013-02-08Humans
Poetry (Personal)2013-02-06Death grip
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2013-02-05Ninety-Five
Poetry (Personal)2013-02-05The Kitchen
Poetry (Personal)2013-02-04Against the strings
Poetry 2013-01-30Between you & me
Poetry (Fantasy)2013-01-29Weeping Willow
Other (Personal)2013-01-26Have you ever?
Poetry 2013-01-25Never despair
Poetry (Rage)2013-01-20Fury
Poetry (Personal)2013-01-19My Decay
Poetry (Reflective)2013-01-17Swallow
Poetry (Rage)2013-01-16Tub of moods
Poetry (Personal)2013-01-16No solution
Poetry (Personal)2013-01-16Color me happy
Poetry (Depressed)2013-01-16Rip it out
Poetry (Personal)2013-01-15Words
Poetry (Spiritual)2013-01-15Damned
Poetry (Ironic)2013-01-15Interrogation
Poetry (Personal)2013-01-15Little girl
Poetry (Rage)2013-01-14Souless
Poetry (Ironic)2013-01-14Bright White Man
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