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These six are my Erotic Poems
Read them if you will:

White River - Saturday, November 15, 1997
The woman from White River is at the crux of The Path not Traveled... Yeah, there is a lot of Guilt. The Recent Death of Raven's Mother Complicated Things Immensely and started a spiral that i am only now recovering from... slowly

Sex - Saturday, 22 May, 1999

Finger Play - Wednesday, 19 April 2006

(sex on) Different Sides of a Pane of Glass - Thursday, 11 October 2012

How to be worshipped - Thursday, 7 February 2013

with tongue in cheek (and other places) - Monday, 23 August 1999

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I am an Office Assistant with a poet's soul... sometimes I wonder how he is doing without it.

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The HHM in My tag comes from a tarot reading

Life/personality: Hermit
Soul: Hermit
Teacher/Shadow: Moon

Roughly meaning that I get fulfillment from showing others the way to do things, and that is where I have always been...
And that in this life I needed to either learn from others deception or learn my own...
About a year after I got that reading, I met someone that I fall in love with, and this tells me how bloody accurate the reading was
When I first met raven, her lie was such that I narrowly escaped jail at least once.
Should she choose, she could take my freedom even today with just one more lie, or even just telling the truth.

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The Cameron is an homage to Richard Cameron, a Scottish priest that was killed on the road because he dared to tell people that priests were only helpers, and not required... (For some reasons the Catholics and Anglicans that were battling it out over whither the king or the pope was the head of the church took slight exception to this)

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I am an U.S. Army Native,

Born in an Army Hospital in 1973, it was my home until 1990 after which I was marooned in Virginia when dad retired as a Sergeant First Class.

I tried to enlist in the U.S. Army after high school 1992,
But the weight restrictions on enlistment after the Graham Rudman era burned that bridge for me,

I was built like a forklift and not like a gazelle.

During the summers since 1990 I had been working as a Grass Cutter laborer or electricians assistant I had figured that I would be loosing the weight in Basic, confident in an ASVAB that was better than 92% of the applicants.
Years later, after the towers fell, I tried again, and the recruiters were not desperate enough for someone whose equilibrium weight was 285 lbs.

From 2003 to 2006 I worked as A Grass Cutter Laborer, my tool of choice was a two handed weed-eater that i was quite good with. They also made me drive tractors, when they were desperate... a few accidents, injuries, and damaged tractors eventually convinced them that Me + Tractor = Bad Idea (there were jokes about wearing a helmet... giggle snort)

From 2006 to Current, i work as an Office Automation Clerk in Family Housing - This is my one source of pride, i Serve those who serve as best i can.

But I still regret not being permitted to serve.

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I have been married twice so far,
And it feels that this one is ending soon...

Appears that I need to pull off the Band-Aid soon...

Why do I hurt the women I love?

Why do I let them hurt me?

Our weight affects our fertility, and not having children is something that is also destroying my marriage, and sometimes i lie to myself and tell me that is why i started to fall.

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My Poems Blog Let me know which ones should be brought over that aren’t here already
My Diary Blog

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the Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken" is definately one of my favorite poems of all time... the only one that rivals it is William Butler Yeats' "Second Coming"... but then again, growing up as an Army Brat leaves Rudyard Kipling as tied with Robert Frost as my favorite poets of all time...

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BetaWolfinVA's Works

Poetry (Depressed)0000-00-00happy anniversary (friday, 14 Aug 2015)
Poetry (Reflective)0000-00-00some mornings
Journal (Political)2015-07-09Open Letter to Senator Sanders
Journal (Personal)0000-00-00On Deep Dark Deadness of the Soul... and Recovery
Poetry (Satire)2015-06-28Fight Back Conservatives
Poetry (Political)0000-00-00On the Confederate Flag (9:39_-_Thursday,_25_June_2015)
Poetry (Non-Fiction)0000-00-00on permitted play, and when it ends (Tuesday,_23_June_2015)
Poetry (Depressed)2015-06-19Life or Honor (Friday,_19_June_2015_09:02)
Poetry (Depressed)0000-00-00Broke Broke (Wednesday, 17 June 2015 08:15)
Journal (Political)2015-05-26Marriage to be Broadened at the United States Federal Level by C
Poetry (Love)2015-05-18the wind blows softly through the trees (Tuesday,_19_May_2015)
Poetry (Love)2015-05-03Things i should have said over the past 18 Years (3May15_21:20)
Poetry (Love)2015-04-30Love of a Woman (Thursday, 30 April 2015 00:48)
Journal (Depressed)2015-03-31Untitled
Poetry (Depressed)2015-02-24It seems that i am skirting the edge... (Tuesday, 24 Feb 2015)
Poetry (Personal)2015-01-24Beta Wolf skateing on ice (Sunday, 25 January 2015)
Poetry (Depressed)2015-01-23When the once proud mind to silence and mumbles has fallen
Poetry (Reflective)2015-01-12On Frost's 'the Road not Taken' (Mon, 12 January 2015 12:19pm)
Poetry (Love)2015-01-01flowers in the wind
Poetry (Love)2015-01-01cascade (Thursday, 1 January 2015)
Poetry (Depressed)2014-12-30Soulmate Orbits... (Tuesdsy, 30 December 2014 8:14am )
Poetry (Depressed)2014-12-27Why isn't it Enough (Saturday 27 December, 2014)
Poetry (Depressed)2014-12-23My Fatal Flaw (Tuesday, 23 December 2014 10:14:00 PM)
Poetry (Fiction)2014-12-15Lost at Sea Again (15th December 2014 9:45pm)
Poetry (Depressed)2014-12-15Every Story has many sides (Monday, 15 december 2014)
Poetry (Personal)2014-12-11Unfaithful (Thursday, 11 December 2014)
Poetry (Reflective)2014-12-11I wish that i a mind for music had
Poetry (Political)2014-12-05Soldier Boy (Reprised) (Friday, 5 December 2014 1:26pm)
Poetry (Love)2014-11-25When first i saw your face
Poetry (Comedy)2014-11-24Random Poem (Monday, 24th November 2014)
Poetry (Political)2014-11-21freedom is more than "nothing left to loose" 
Poetry (Personal)2014-11-20A Sundowners life for me?
Poetry (Personal)2014-11-20When the Wind Dances across the Sand (reprise)
Poetry (Spiritual)2014-11-16Hermit lights the way
Poetry (Personal)2014-10-20When the Wind Dances across the Sand
Short Story (Fantasy)2014-10-13The World i know (Black Diamond)(back story)
Poetry (Personal)2014-10-12"They look like big, good, strong hands, don't they?"
Short Story (Personal)2014-10-08My Third Wedding (Wedding Tryptych)
Short Story (Personal)2014-10-08My Second Wedding (Wedding Tryptych)
Short Story (Personal)2014-10-08My First Wedding (Wedding Tryptych)
Poetry (Personal)2014-10-05Am i strong enough?
Short Story (Fantasy)2014-10-02A Quiet Consultation (Black Diamond)
Poetry (Personal)2014-09-25a Scalar Quantity
Graphic Art (Personal)2014-09-23On being a Dad for a Year
Poetry (Ironic)2014-09-19Things to Break a Soul, One Poem Lost at a Time
Journal (Tribute)2014-09-15On the Death of Raven's Mother
Journal (Personal)2014-09-14Distant Past affecting now (first almost first time - bi the bi)
Short Story (Fantasy)2014-09-09Knights of the Black Diamond (Origins - Early Draft)
Graphic Art (Love)2014-09-09Portrait of a Woman (Tuesday, 9 September 2014)
Poetry (Depressed)2014-09-06Choosing between Happiness and Honor
Poetry (Personal)2014-09-03Portrait of a Morning
Poetry (Personal)2014-09-02and of this, i make an end (one of my oldest dreams)
Poetry (Personal)2014-09-01What Baltimore means to me
Poetry (Personal)2014-08-30i want to feel joy again
Poetry (Personal)2014-08-28And Which is the Illusion?
Poetry (Structured)2014-08-15Last Taste of my Grandfather
Poetry (Personal)2014-08-13Falling Through Space
Poetry (Personal)2014-08-02How do you sleep to dream
Poetry (Personal)2014-07-28Falling into the Mists of Dreams (Monday, 28 July 2014)
Poetry (Personal)2014-07-25Where are you when i drift to dream
Poetry (Structured)2014-07-24Tanka
Poetry (Personal)2014-07-16Tell me all your thoughts on god
Poetry (Personal)2014-06-29Dreams fall through My mind
Poetry (Reflective)2014-06-27Love and Nightmares
Poetry (Personal)2014-06-24Expect Not Songs from me
Poetry (Personal)2014-06-16A Thousand Words for 'Cousin' (Monday, 16 June 2014)
Poetry (Personal)2014-05-30Riding the Waves Again
Poetry (Personal)2014-03-04You Ask me why
Poetry (Personal)2014-02-21On the Chorus of Pompeii by Bastille
Poetry (Personal)2014-02-14All i Want for Valentines
Poetry (Personal)2014-01-28A writers Dilemma
Poetry (Depressed)2014-01-09Glissade
Poetry (Reflective)2014-01-08improvising on a theme
Poetry (Personal)2013-12-31Conscience and Consequence
Graphic Art (Personal)2013-12-26I'm a Baby
Poetry (Reflective)2013-12-06On the Turning of the Wind
Poetry (Depressed)2013-11-27Victory (and other illusions)
Poetry (Depressed)2013-11-21Thoughts upon a quiet night with little one in arms
Poetry (Personal)2013-10-17A rose by any other Name
Graphic Art (Personal)2013-10-15Sometimes When i Drive
Graphic Art (Haiku)2013-10-15Rollin' Along
Poetry (Personal)2013-09-30Wind Tossed
Graphic Art (Personal)2013-09-23Dreaming of the future
Poetry (Personal)2013-09-20At the turning of the wheel
Poetry (Personal)2013-09-19Late night chat (rather the lack thereof)
Poetry (Haiku)2013-09-18blatant metaphore
Poetry (Haiku)2013-09-17@sunset
Poetry (Haiku)2013-09-13Sometimes in the night
Poetry (Reflective)2013-08-27dreaming of the ocean
Poetry (Personal)2013-08-23Another Whiney Poem
Poetry (Personal)2013-08-21Black Ocean Between the Stars
Graphic Art (Personal)2013-08-14Verging on Incandescent Joy
Poetry (Love)2013-08-12Long Dark watches of the night
Poetry (Personal)2013-08-11Do I dare to dream
Poetry (Personal)2013-08-06Finding a glimmer of happiness in despair
Poetry (Personal)2013-07-29To my current Wife
Poetry (Reflective)2013-07-17Towards a Distant Dream
Poetry (Personal)2013-07-17Did I fool them All
Poetry (Political)2013-06-10Civil Servant, Civil Pay, Congress
Poetry (Love)2013-06-04At the Slow Gathering of the Shadows
Poetry (Personal)2013-04-30Stroboscopic Nightmare (Big Yellow Flashy Thing Through Trees)
Poetry (Haiku)2013-04-02The Lies we tell ourselves
Graphic Art (Spiritual)2013-03-30Life/Personality: Hermit Soul: Hermit Teacher/Shadow: Moon
Poetry (Personal)2013-03-28what do i really want
Poetry (Love)2013-03-19Five Miles from Happiness
Graphic Art (Personal)2013-03-17So Tell me, is it just me?
Graphic Art (Spiritual)2013-03-10Celtic Fortunes Wheel Spread (a tarot reading for my self)
Poetry (Personal)2013-03-04Crying With Private Malone
Poetry (Personal)2013-03-02waking up again (Saturday, 2 March 2013 05:07)
Poetry (Personal)2013-02-27Wishing for you
Poetry (Personal)2013-02-27Coming Down off a Sugar High (and Wishing for you)
Poetry (Political)2013-02-26TARFUBAR
Poetry (Depressed)2013-02-23I'm getting a Mite Spin Dizzy
Poetry (Personal)2013-02-23Sound Track of My Life (HTML)
Poetry (Structured)2013-02-20Wolf looking at raptors, wishing to fly
Poetry (Tribute)2013-02-15All Hail Evil, the Queen of Acerbia
Poetry (Ironic)2013-02-14Names - Reprised
Graphic Art (Tribute)2013-02-11My (?) Beautiful Angel
Poetry (Ironic)2013-02-11When one comes at contretemps with a cannon
Poetry (Reflective)2013-02-09Decision point
Graphic Art (Love)2013-02-06Standing Order for an Imaginary Friend
Poetry (Depressed)2013-02-05Time Tortures me
Poetry (Reflective)2013-02-05So i over share
Poetry (Philosophical)2013-02-03Healing Dreams (with Rain in the Willows)
Poetry (Rage)2013-01-25Traffic
Poetry (Fantasy)2013-01-25Botched imagry
Poetry (Personal)2013-01-25That Thanksgiving (is this enjambment?)
Poetry (Political)2013-01-23Soldier Boy
Poetry (Political)2013-01-18Ranting for the Second Amendment
Poetry (Depressed)2013-01-14doing what i can to get by (renku)
Poetry (Structured)2013-01-09Untitled (Iambic Pentameter with Rhyming Couplets)
Poetry (Love)2012-12-28One such Moment in time
Poetry (Structured)2012-12-26The Path not Travelled
Poetry (Structured)2012-12-26limbo ain't living
Poetry (Depressed)2012-12-20Goddess of Ravens
Poetry (Ironic)2012-12-17Mad Poet (a Late Introduction)
Poetry (Depressed)2012-12-13BetaWolf on the mend (5-5-7 ??)
Poetry (Depressed)2012-12-10To Gaia: the Earth Mother (that is not)
Poetry (Depressed)2012-12-06inspired by "I'm Just a Little Broken"
Poetry (Ironic)2012-11-27Poetry upon Request (6 stanza renku)
Poetry (Depressed)2012-11-26Sentenced to Time Served (5 stanza renku)
Poetry (Ironic)2012-11-26When you kill me, let it be for something real
Poetry (Ironic)2012-11-19my first test drive (*not* cars) (8 stanza haiku)
Poetry (Personal)2012-11-19nothing you want matters (5 stanza haiku)
Poetry (Love)2012-11-17Who is it that your heart beats for?
Poetry (Reflective)2012-11-17origin of 'Good Bye'
Poetry (Depressed)2012-11-16Names (Poetry-Defiance)
Poetry (Depressed)2012-11-11Tired of being Tired of Being Lonely
Poetry (Personal)2012-11-07country has a cadence, all its own
Poetry (Love)2012-11-06I do not wish ill on you (Nolo te malum)
Poetry (Depressed)2012-11-06Better a Widow than a Divorcée? (poem)
Journal (Personal)2012-11-03Fun with ordering Food
Poetry (Tribute)2012-11-01for wolf's bane (für Wolfs bane )
Poetry (Depressed)2012-10-31Fumbling Towards Therapy
Poetry (Depressed)2012-10-31apology to a wife betrayed
Poetry (Haiku)2012-10-31Rediscovery
Poetry (Love)2012-10-30This is me finally letting you go
Poetry (Comedy)2012-10-22Worst Predator Ever
Poetry (Depressed)2012-10-19An Apology regarding the spectacular end of a cyber affair
Lyrics (Love)2012-10-15I am a man who would break through your armor
Poetry (Love)2012-10-15There is no Pain in Love
Poetry (Love)2012-10-12Danger: Octopus
Poetry (Haiku)2012-10-01Shattered ... Hope?
Poetry (Love)2012-09-22Caught in Chains of Another's Love
Poetry (Haiku)2012-09-19Wolf Howls at the Raven that Flies High
Poetry (Haiku)2012-08-16Truth and Consequences
Poetry (Fantasy)2012-08-09Meeting on a Bridge
Poetry (Personal)2012-08-04Reflections
Poetry (Tribute)2012-08-01Missera UnderFoot's Return
Graphic Art (Haiku)2012-07-29Rattle Rattle Thump
Journal (Personal)2012-07-01Betawolf Howls
Journal (Personal)2012-06-27Beta Wolf Breakdown
Poetry (Personal)2007-01-27Winding Downe
Poetry (Fantasy)2007-01-16Disjointed, unformed, Overly Emotive
Poetry (Reflective)2006-08-15Any color you want your car (Tuesday, 15 August 2006)
Poetry (Personal)2006-04-26For Raven
Poetry (Spiritual)2005-11-27Faith: To the Mormons
Poetry (Reflective)2005-11-14Falling Free
Poetry (Personal)2005-11-11Love is
Poetry (Personal)2005-11-08Ground Loop
Poetry (Depressed)2005-08-19Another Midnight (6 Stanza Haiku)
Poetry (Personal)2005-07-30Spirits (FreeForm)
Poetry (Haiku)2005-05-02Simple Touch
Poetry (Personal)2005-01-23Musings
Poetry (Personal)2004-11-26Love enough for Two or Not Her
Poetry (Personal)2004-11-26dancing on the edge of space
Poetry (Personal)2004-10-15Farthest Shore
Poetry (Personal)2004-08-11A Center that Isn't There
Poetry (Personal)2004-07-15Mixed Signals
Poetry (Personal)2004-06-20Remembrance
Poetry (Reflective)2003-12-01A Quiet Place
Poetry (Love)2003-11-26Pain of Remembering Your Name
Poetry (Personal)2003-11-26PolyGyny Rising
Poetry (Personal)2003-10-07Lady of my life and mind
Poetry (Personal)2003-10-07For Raven (для ворон)
Poetry (Reflective)2003-10-07Fourth of that day...
Poetry (Reflective)2003-10-07Sleepwalking through the day
Poetry (Personal)2003-10-05Temptation
Poetry (Personal)2003-10-02and now I just live
Poetry (Personal)2003-09-30Songs
Poetry (Rage)2003-05-23Dreams
Poetry (Spiritual)2003-05-18religion
Poetry (Personal)2003-05-18Wave Dancer (18 May 2003)
Poetry (Personal)2003-05-08Where am I
Poetry (Personal)2001-05-03Thoughts on {ExWife} and Sales
Poetry (Satire)1998-12-20A lemmings Christmas
Poetry (Personal)2000-10-13spin the night slowly
Poetry (Ironic)2000-03-08Thoughts (Wednesday, 8 March 2000 12:54 AM)
Poetry (Personal)2000-03-07i think i'm ready for a real partner now... (TUE, 7 MARCH 2000)
Poetry (Personal)2000-02-21Thoughts on Dating
Poetry (Personal)2000-02-20Looking for Love (2/20/2000)
Poetry (Love)2000-02-17In response to 'Fear'
Poetry (Personal)2000-02-07Falling away
Poetry (Love)1999-10-13FareWell to one with Red-Raven Hair
Poetry (Personal)1999-08-23with tongue in cheek (and other places)
Poetry (Personal)1999-05-31confusion
Poetry (Personal)1999-04-16Friends Sometimes Heal
Poetry (Personal)1999-03-20Mind Music
Poetry (Personal)1999-03-08Responce to Advice
Poetry (Haiku)1999-01-20Mountain Home (Wednesday, 20 January 1999 23:50)
Poetry (Love)1999-01-19Valentines & Online
Poetry (Love)1999-01-17Truth, Love life and endings
Poetry (Haiku)1999-01-17Haiku
Poetry (Structured)1999-01-17The Eagle
Poetry (Haiku)1999-01-17Blizzard
Poetry (Love)1999-01-15Passions Wake
Poetry (Personal)1998-12-20Hidden Pain
Poetry (Personal)1998-12-20Life?
Poetry (Ironic)1998-10-05If i Dance with an Empty Mind
Poetry (Personal)1997-12-26Choosing between Life and Honor
Poetry (Personal)1997-12-14Anticipation
Poetry (Personal)1997-12-07An Answer to -Furnace Time-
Poetry (Love)1997-10-14Music Dance and Time
Poetry (Personal)1997-10-12Love
Poetry (Political)1997-09-16Solar Winds
Poetry (Love)1996-10-17As my life comes crashing down
Poetry (Personal)1996-10-15the simple dance of life
Poetry (Personal)1996-10-08A Fool Cries
Poetry (Reflective)1996-09-24i look at my life and laugh at my fears
Poetry (Personal)1996-09-12dreaming of flight (thursday, 12 september 1996)
Poetry (Ironic)1997-09-10Low Key Intro (Wednesday, 10 September 1997 4:43 PM)
Poetry (Spiritual)1996-08-27in paths set in rigid time (Tuesday, 27 August 1996)
Poetry (Personal)1996-08-24The Dance of Love
Poetry (Love)1996-08-20What has happened
Poetry (Personal)1996-08-10Freedom from boredom
Poetry (Personal)1996-07-30thoughts unformed drift away*...
Poetry (Haiku)1996-07-30simple words
Poetry (Personal)1996-07-27it's silence that kills
Poetry (Love)1996-07-21Your Dreams: Unanswered
Poetry (Personal)1996-07-21I love VA in the summer (YUCK)
Poetry (Personal)1996-07-21Why We Work
Poetry (Reflective)1996-07-18Poetry Comes from a Tilted Mind
Poetry (Personal)1996-07-14Looking for Love (7/14/1996)
Poetry (Reflective)1996-07-14Wave Dancer (14 July 1996)
Poetry (Personal)1996-07-14Prythe accompany me to a realm of Mountains
Poetry (Personal)1996-07-14Winter
Poetry (Personal)1996-07-14an endless stream of dreams
Poetry (Personal)1995-12-03calm, towards the morning
Poetry (Personal)1995-11-25of many things, Murphy holds sway
Poetry (Personal)1995-11-25Daylight toil
Poetry (Personal)1995-10-23Beginnings
Poetry (Personal)1995-10-23I search for a homeward trail
Poetry (Personal)1995-10-18War Games
Poetry (Personal)1995-10-18Slow Dancer on the River (Poem... Free Form?)
Poetry (Personal)1995-10-18I am a rock in the stream of chaos
Poetry (Political)1995-10-18Chaos Reigns upon the hill
Poetry (Personal)1995-10-06skimming the surface of 'Reality'
Poetry (Personal)1995-09-23homeward now, I think and dream
Poetry (Personal)1995-09-20Colorado
Poetry (Comedy)1995-09-20I think I've written this one before
Poetry (Personal)1995-09-20Alone on the wings of chaos I ride
Poetry (Personal)1995-09-14moonlight and fireside
Poetry (Personal)1995-09-14to be an eagle, lord of the air
Poetry (Personal)1995-08-05Adrift and friendless am I
Poetry (Personal)1995-07-31Homeward My Eyes are Turning
Poetry (Personal)1995-07-22Chaos?
Poetry (Personal)1995-07-22Singing of Dreams Un-fed
Poetry (Comedy)1995-07-22A wee bit o' whimsy
Poetry (Personal)1995-07-16Chaos
Poetry (Reflective)1995-07-15WordSmyth
Poetry (Philosophical)1995-07-15Online
Poetry (Spiritual)1995-07-07Mist Weaver
Poetry (Personal)1995-06-24oh to pierce the veil of time ( saturday, 24 june 1995)
Poetry (Haiku)1993-07-07Fire Light (Friday, 7 July 1993)
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