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They call me 'Luna C' .....

The angels ride on dragon wings,
And doors are closed to darker things .. < dwells >

"Mind your wants.. cause somebody wants your mind..!!"

I always search for a dick.. on a jealous bitch..
and never fail to find one.. elisa..

i wanna bathe in the same gutter your filth resides..

lick the taste of my sinfully skilled ink.. NarcissusNarcosis

No one writes anything as ill as the pages I ball
up and throw in the trash.. Narcissus Narcosis

we can let our filth wash over each other, then get dirty again,,,
mmmmmm.. infect me baby ... NarcissusNarcosis ..

The snake curls around itself
cuz it has no companion by.. Narcissus Narcosis

devilish + poetry = a bad bitch killing it .... the broken..

fate bleeds the last of my sick pride. Sean Mc Shane...

I'm at a different place in my life..

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Poetry (Philosophical)2012-04-27He's InfeCtious.. Feat.. Sean McShane
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