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Poetry 2011-10-12Souless
Poetry 2011-10-12Paint you...Blue
Poetry 2011-10-13After the fact of dying
Poetry (Reflective)2011-10-21The Naked Truth
Poetry 2011-10-29Balance
Poetry (Horror)2011-11-05My Black Dahlia
Poetry 2011-11-23Shadow
Poetry 2011-11-23Cerulean Deception
Poetry 2011-11-23The Cruelty of Fate
Poetry 2011-11-26 She was a pretty little thing
Poetry (Depressed)2011-11-27Faith is waning
Poetry (Comedy)2011-12-09How Fuck met You
Poetry 2011-12-23Legion
Poetry 2011-12-27What Lye Beneath
Poetry 2012-01-01Psychosis
Poetry 2012-01-22Commercial Shade
Poetry 2012-02-07Pocket Full of Kryptonite
Poetry 2012-02-07Shores of Genesis
Poetry 2012-02-19I've burnt the Cycle
Poetry 2012-02-19Gallows
Poetry 2012-03-09Paper Wings
Poetry 2012-03-24Day Dreamer
Poetry 2012-03-24The Wanderer
Poetry 2012-03-28Ravens in dispersion
Poetry 2012-04-18Insanity
Poetry 2012-04-18Poetic Cannibals
Poetry 2012-04-23Ceramic
Poetry 2012-05-04King of Spades
Poetry 2012-06-04Soulful Window
Poetry (Love)2012-06-06Cupids Game
Poetry 2012-08-08J'adore ta haine
Poetry 2012-12-11Next Fall
Poetry 2012-12-23Romanticide
Poetry 2012-12-26Man on the Ledge
Poetry 2013-03-05Burning
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