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Graphic Art 2013-11-30A quick stop at my grave!
Graphic Art (Comedy)2013-11-30A quick stop at my grave!
Graphic Art 2013-11-20Drinking
Graphic Art 2013-11-08Confession of a corpse
Graphic Art (Horror)2013-11-04The Souls Collector !
Graphic Art 2013-10-28Where lies are sweet!
Graphic Art 2013-10-26The Mule!!!
Graphic Art 2013-10-16Calendar!
Graphic Art 2013-10-15Silent September
Graphic Art 2013-10-14As I try forget!
Graphic Art 2013-06-22The wolf!!
Graphic Art 2013-06-11Fertile Ground
Graphic Art 2013-05-23attached to my last poem!
Graphic Art 2013-05-16Bruise(r)
Graphic Art 2013-05-14GATE 53
Graphic Art 2013-05-05Cheers!!!
Graphic Art 2013-05-03Blooming flowers of cherry trees!
Graphic Art (Ironic)2013-05-01The Poet is Angry!
Graphic Art 2013-04-30Put it all down with the wrong lenses!
Graphic Art 2013-04-25I can not accept!
Graphic Art 2013-04-17The Poet
Graphic Art 2013-04-16A place to hide myself!
Graphic Art 2013-04-08Heart of words
Graphic Art 2013-04-04The rat and the piece of cheese
Graphic Art 2013-03-30DAMASK ROSE
Graphic Art 2013-03-28Dream Maker
Graphic Art 2013-03-26Poetry consummating by love
Graphic Art 2013-03-16LOVECIDA!
Graphic Art 2013-03-15Strange fall
Graphic Art 2013-03-15Tango On
Graphic Art 2013-03-12Creator&Creature;
Graphic Art 2013-02-24Two words!
Graphic Art 2013-02-22Letter to Mr. Dorian!
Graphic Art 2013-02-10Legend of Untrue! ~me and Unwitten Soul~
Graphic Art 2013-02-09Blame de Wind!
Poetry 2013-01-21Sensuality?
Poetry 2013-01-15Learning Fast Poetess!
Poetry 2013-01-10Dare with me!
Poetry 2013-01-07Sorry, but i have to go!
Poetry 2013-01-03Funny Sex!
Poetry 2012-12-21Your place is here!Dream Lover!
Poetry 2012-12-20Christmas Day
Poetry 2012-12-19Our Black Bird!
Poetry 2012-12-16My first tongue kiss!
Poetry 2012-12-14Blue Moon! ! !
Poetry 2012-12-10Golden Moon! ! !
Poetry 2012-12-08Silver Moon! (? ? ? ? Poem)
Poetry 2012-12-08Fascination!!!
Poetry 2012-12-02One's soft silver string!
Poetry 2012-11-30Avenue of My Body.
Poetry 2012-11-28Goodbye Poet!!!!
Graphic Art 2012-11-26Three Floors
Poetry 2012-11-25Saracen woman
Poetry 2012-11-22my love disturbs, troubles and hurts!
Poetry 2012-11-22Brave Men! ! ! !
Poetry 2012-11-21Secret Lullaby
Poetry 2012-11-19Dead Girl!
Poetry 2012-11-18On Cage II
Poetry 2012-11-18Black Rose
Poetry 2012-11-17On Cage! ! !
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