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Born under a midnight sun on Pluto to immigrant parents from Uranus . Raised by wild unicorns after my parents were deported . Taught to fly high and straight and to crash with dignity when the time comes . Will I ever stop believing in Santa ? Neigh neigh neigh !

Motto : "Matters of great concern should be treated lightly . Matters of small concern should be treated seriously ." Lord Naoshige

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Graphic Art 2018-06-07Tell Me
Graphic Art 2018-06-04My moon over river
Graphic Art 2018-05-27Snips , and snails , and puppy dog tail's
Graphic Art 2018-05-25New Summer Wine
Graphic Art 2018-05-19Born to Run
Graphic Art 2018-05-13All Alone
Graphic Art 2018-05-10 Soft Green Grass
Graphic Art 2018-05-07Come Black Night
Graphic Art 2018-05-02Luz and Pancho
Graphic Art 2018-05-01To all those
Graphic Art 2018-04-16Dear Dolling
Graphic Art 2018-04-11Hello Darkness
Graphic Art 2018-04-09Remember when ?
Graphic Art 2018-04-05Bitters
Graphic Art 2018-04-03There is a way
Graphic Art 2018-03-29The finger
Graphic Art 2018-03-27Tears of Fire
Graphic Art 2018-03-24Dull Knife
Graphic Art 2018-03-23Taming of the Screw
Graphic Art 2018-03-22My wiki , My Wiki , My Wiki Links
Graphic Art 2018-03-21Not Surprised
Graphic Art 2018-03-20I Remember
Graphic Art 2018-03-16 Not
Graphic Art 2018-03-15 Children with Guns
Graphic Art 2018-03-15Thunderpoems
Graphic Art 2018-03-15On the edge of every thought
Graphic Art 2018-03-12Was I
Graphic Art 2018-03-07Rosebud
Graphic Art 2018-03-04Swimming with the Sharks
Graphic Art 2018-02-28Moments on another day
Graphic Art 2018-02-27I am , I am , I am
Graphic Art 2018-02-27. . . Deception of your eyes
Graphic Art 2018-02-25Rolling in Thunder
Graphic Art 2018-02-20Little fish
Graphic Art 2018-02-20No first star tonight
Graphic Art 2018-02-18Jimena and El Cid
Graphic Art 2018-02-16Swagger
Graphic Art 2018-02-13Caged Love
Graphic Art 2018-02-11Whoop dee do
Graphic Art 2018-02-10Going home
Graphic Art 2018-02-01Seeking Inner Truth
Graphic Art 2018-02-01The mother's star
Graphic Art 2018-02-01Unicorns
Graphic Art 2018-02-01By the Shores of Malachite
Graphic Art 2018-01-31Blackbird Sitting
Graphic Art 2018-01-30Truth doesn't make it true
Graphic Art 2018-01-28Life below expectation
Graphic Art 2018-01-27Punishmentertainment
Graphic Art 2018-01-19Coincidentally
Graphic Art 2018-01-17Shiver
Graphic Art 2018-01-11 Reality
Graphic Art 2018-01-07The road that leads to nowhere
Graphic Art 2018-01-05 Little Lady Blue
Graphic Art 2018-01-03Thorns and Roses
Graphic Art 2018-01-02Oh My Captain
Graphic Art 2018-01-02Sneha's Eyes
Graphic Art 2017-12-31 Bullet from a gun
Graphic Art 2017-12-31Stepping up
Graphic Art 2017-12-29Diane Arbus (Photographer)
Graphic Art 2017-12-28 "Drive !" he said
Graphic Art 2017-12-28Echoes
Graphic Art 2017-12-27I will , I wait
Graphic Art 2017-12-15Dances with fireflies
Graphic Art 2017-12-15Man in Black
Graphic Art 2017-12-13Hitting Rock Bottom
Graphic Art 2017-12-12I've found I find
Graphic Art 2017-12-11 Lace and Lice
Graphic Art 2017-10-14Sins and Sundays
Graphic Art 2017-08-22One muse of a kind
Graphic Art 2017-08-22White Breasted Woman
Graphic Art 2017-08-19She Shot The Tiger
Graphic Art 2017-08-17Going Out
Graphic Art 2017-08-08Sunset of my Heart
Graphic Art 2017-08-06Talking Owls of Evermore
Graphic Art 2017-07-30A Bird without A Nest
Graphic Art 2017-07-29Dead Dreams
Graphic Art 2017-07-28After All These Years
Graphic Art 2017-07-27The Indifference of Silence
Graphic Art 2017-07-25Lay of Love
Graphic Art 2017-07-25Life Sandwich
Graphic Art 2017-07-21My World
Graphic Art 2017-07-21Black Dog
Graphic Art 2017-07-16What Never Was
Graphic Art 2017-07-16Blue Sky Morning After Rain
Graphic Art 2017-07-13Missa pro defunctis (Mass for the Dead)
Graphic Art 2017-07-11Lickety Split
Graphic Art 2017-07-10Colors
Graphic Art 2017-07-1052 Reasons
Graphic Art 2017-07-10Thirty Years Later
Graphic Art 2017-07-08In The Eyes Of Evil
Poetry 2017-07-08A Mother's love Upon Reflection
Graphic Art 2017-07-07Once Upon My Midnight's madness
Graphic Art 2017-07-07People Die
Graphic Art 2017-07-06The H(owl) of the Night
Graphic Art 2017-07-04The Old Home
Graphic Art 2017-06-303:10 A M
Graphic Art 2017-06-29Blackest Blue Moon
Graphic Art 2017-06-29Stands Death There At My Door
Poetry 2017-06-28I made love to a lesbian
Graphic Art 2017-06-26The Ring
Graphic Art 2017-06-26Blossoms
Graphic Art 2017-06-26Cemetery ( five word )
Graphic Art 2017-06-26Perpetuation ( eight word )
Graphic Art 2017-06-24The Garden
Graphic Art 2017-06-23Star Eater
Graphic Art 2017-06-22 Add A Poem (WORDS)
Graphic Art 2017-06-21Innocence
Graphic Art 2017-06-20Blue
Graphic Art 2017-06-20I pick dandelions
Graphic Art 2017-06-19Gated Desires
Graphic Art 2017-06-18Midnight Lesbian
Graphic Art 2017-06-17Adam always wondered about Eve
Graphic Art 2017-06-16 Mary
Graphic Art 2017-06-15Crawl Space
Graphic Art 0000-00-00Age of Emptiness
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