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my name is worm. it is short for ConquerorWorm, a name I was known by in another time and place. my writing style is not a style at all. it is just how I feel at the time I am writing any particular poem or story. sometimes I rhyme, sometimes not. most times I make no sense at all.

my poetic hero is Charles Hank Bukowski. if you have never read his work, you are missing out on, in my humble opinion, the best american poet that ever put pen to paper.

I am probably one of the older residents here at DarkPoetry (both in time in residence and in age). I was here for a couple of years and then was forced to take a rather extended sabbatical. but that is all behind me now. I am back and more focused then ever. the creative juices are flowing and my pen is standing ready to serve me once again.

if you are looking for quality reading material, see the list of my favorites. you will not be disappointed. I believe them to be the best of the best...
be well!
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