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I'm just a girl, mostly.


It's been a long, long time since I visited DarkPoetry, but I'm realizing I owe it quite a bit. The confidence I gained here, from such brilliant and wonderful people, has served me well. I write professionally and make a genuine living at it, which is something I never thought I would do.

I'm an assistant queer pornographer by day, social justice writer by night. They're not as disparate as some might lead you to believe.

Currently living in California. I have a dandy queer boy partner I live with who does the cooking and the cuddling, a nerdy male lover I see regularly for filthy sex and smart pillow talk, and a brilliant girlfriend who teaches me the finer points of wrestling and pinball. It's a good life.

KittyStryker's Works

Poetry (Political)2008-07-13a poem for Kitty Genovese
Poetry (Rage)2008-07-12faggotry
Poetry (Reflective)2008-07-09break plates if it makes you feel better
Poetry (Love)2008-07-09clarity
Poetry (Personal)2008-07-09serotonin slavery
Essay (Political)2006-02-28The Politics of Lust: Prostitution Undressed
Poetry (Reflective)2006-02-08actual vs professed reality
Poetry (Personal)2006-01-28the break-up
Poetry (Personal)2006-01-28tongue-tied
Poetry (Ironic)2005-12-20self esteem! (now in 5 fantastic flavors!)
Essay (Philosophical)2005-12-07Burning Knowledge- the Sacred Drug Culture of Burning Man
Poetry (Adult)
Poetry (Erotica)2005-11-13knives
Poetry (Reflective)2005-11-13me and mine
Poetry (Philosophical)2005-05-24hedonism
Poetry (Reflective)2005-04-28dreamslut superstar
Poetry (Love)2005-04-05and when...
Poetry (Rage)2005-03-30for shame
Poetry 2005-02-22a stolen virginity, heart-broken wrist-slitting poem about moons
Poetry 2005-02-21damn you, Hunter
Poetry 2005-02-07stigmata
Poetry 2005-02-07static
Poetry 2005-02-03fuck you for being so sexy.
Poetry 2005-01-03the problem with ex boyfriends
Poetry 2004-12-30why i don't date when i haven't gotten laid
Poetry 2004-12-23give a little
Poetry 2004-12-15reverence
Poetry 2004-11-05darwin
Poetry 2004-10-27somewhere between apathy and sympathy
Poetry 2004-10-27don't let the door hit you on the way out
Graphic Art 2004-09-16melodrama in grey
Graphic Art 2004-09-16melodrama in blue
Poetry 2004-09-12fuck
Poetry 2004-08-23the shattering of the dream
Poetry 2004-07-30the negotiation of my heartbeats
Poetry 2004-07-25melt
Poetry 2004-07-25just one taste
Poetry 2004-07-12love/hate
Graphic Art 2004-07-11new kitten!
Poetry 2004-07-08i wonder...
Poetry 2004-07-07hollywon't (not anymore)
Poetry 2004-07-06blade and scabbard
Poetry 2004-06-30considering how things turned out
Poetry 2004-06-23grrls, grrls, grrls
List 2004-06-18a list from a loser
Poetry 2004-06-14.... i believe ...
Poetry 2004-06-07triple X and triple A
Poetry 2004-06-04a piece of the last time i let you break my heart
Poetry 2004-06-03what happened to the boy i loved?
Poetry 2004-06-02did i seriously wake up for *this*?
Graphic Art 2004-06-02maybe i am just selfish after all.
Poetry 2004-06-01haunted
Poetry 2004-06-01the unequal equation of sex vs love
Poetry 2004-05-31she
Poetry 2004-05-30i want my peanuts back.
Poetry 2004-05-30the truth's gonna hurt me a lot more than it's gonna hurt you.
Poetry 2004-05-30almost
Poetry 2004-05-30kitty in dreamland (down the rabbit hole)
Poetry 2004-05-28ah, the glorious tidings of e.p.t.
Poetry 2004-05-26the delicate art of making men into animals
Poetry 2004-05-15emotional exhibitionism
Poetry 2004-05-15sabotage
Poetry 2004-04-21blown glass and cheap lighters
Poetry 2004-04-14hope doesn't live here anymore
Poetry 2004-04-14love me like you mean it
Poetry 2004-04-11kaleidoscopic
Poetry 2004-04-11the personification of sodom
Poetry 2004-04-03one finger pressed to lips of universal inner peace
Poetry 2004-03-28sex as a modern form of barter?
Poetry 2004-03-28sacred sexuality (lust of the earth)
Poetry 2004-03-24imperfect
Poetry 2004-03-23don't touch that dial
Graphic Art 2004-03-05a///void
Graphic Art 2004-03-04...slowly...fading...
Poetry 2004-02-29unspoken honesty
Poetry 2004-02-29preview of the path our dialogue will take
Poetry 2004-02-24singsong (a poem making multiple points without clarifying any)
Poetry 2004-02-07my heart, a flower
Poetry 2004-02-05return (tacenda)
Poetry 2004-01-18greenery
Poetry 2004-01-15shooting down shooting stars
Poetry 2003-12-19magic eight ball says signs are mixed
Poetry 2003-12-19a plea to no one in particular
Poetry 2003-12-12wegotism (no 'u' in moving on... but there is in 'future'...)
Poetry 2003-12-09on Hot Topic- repost
Poetry 2003-12-07obduracy and possible obganiation
Poetry 2003-12-06beautiful (i love the way you rot me from the inside out)
Poetry 2003-12-06fury and furies make for a dominatrix dream
Poetry 2003-12-06A Cre-ation for Cre
Poetry 2003-12-06A Dedication to Delphoid-Q
Poetry 2003-12-06Six Stanzas for Six-Out
Poetry 2003-12-05chokecherries and bloodberries
Poetry 2003-12-05skinless (mutilation)
Poetry 2003-12-05unheard plea for tachyphylaxis
Poetry 2003-12-04teichopsia (pretty and painful are my picasso dreams)
Poetry 2003-12-02slut without apologies (where pills fail me)
Poetry 2003-11-16progression
Graphic Art 2003-11-13when all you see is black and white |||no*middle*ground|||
Poetry 2003-11-12slide
Poetry 2003-09-28the number one way to make him hot ;)
Poetry 2003-08-23under the light of the aurora borealis
Poetry 2003-08-18the hunt (a love song)
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