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I used to write a lot of poetry, but I had stopped writing about two years ago.
Recently my boyfriend who all of you know as edenscancer joined this site. He has been pushing me to join because he really likes it here and wants to get a referral, but also (for some reason I don’t always understand) he seems to find something good in everything I write. One reason I stopped writing was because I felt a little inferior compared to him, which he felt awful about when I finally told him. We have been talking about my applying for a while now, and I decided to try to start writing again. I am a little rusty but I think there are more poems inside me that might be trying to get out. A dream I once had was to hold a published book of my own poetry. The reason I want to join is to get some honest opinions of my work. The short poem I will end with is the first real poem I wrote (real, meaning for myself, just because the spirit moved me, not for a school assignment) while I did write this a long time ago, it still means a great deal to me, it was this poem that made me decide to start writing, and I write it in the beginning of each new poetry book I write.

Ode to a Flame

Fire, fire
Flames grow higher
Burn now brighter
Reaching from your tarnished cage
Share with us your living rage
Warm us with your glowing heart
And leave us with your smoke and dark

Thanks for checking me out.
- Broken Butterfly Wings

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