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"Where ever there is guilt there is violence, and if guilt is a smell then violence is a taste: strawberries and formaldehyde and ironish blood..."

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Poetry (Love)2013-04-11Sea Breeze
Poetry 2013-03-19Sea Foam
Poetry 2013-03-17Pen.
Poetry 2013-03-09Pearl's Encore.
Poetry 2013-03-04She was Life. I was Living.
Poetry 2013-02-28Matchstick
Poetry 2013-02-27Exhaled Exultations
Poetry 2013-02-21Sea Salt
Poetry 2013-02-04He spoke venom.
Poetry 2012-11-22rainbows in the dark.
Poetry 2012-11-22My name is Perfection.
Poetry 2012-11-09The Invention of Goodbye
Poetry 2012-11-07Scent.
Poetry 2012-11-07Char. -Haiku
Poetry (Tribute)2012-11-01An Effort At Prose
Poetry (Reflective)2012-10-25Phi.
Poetry 2012-10-23Catharsis.
Poetry 2012-09-27Adayr.
Poetry 2011-10-01Sunflower Rd
Poetry (Tribute)2010-04-05Amantes Sunt Amentes
Poetry (Reflective)2006-06-21weaving Smoke rings and Silver strings.
Poetry 2004-12-25Some Sort of Lovely (revised)
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