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And here I go, re-describing myself again. Who am I now? Who fucking knows?

Anyway, I am who I am, and if you don't know me, a discription here wouldn't help much.

But this is my writing, and that is who I am.

P.S. I know all this work of mine is rather old... I'm sorry about that, and wish probably more than any of you could that I could have some new works... But my muse is STILL AWOL

Nail Bunny's Works

Lyrics 2005-06-27She Used...
Rant 2005-06-27A rant against the Catholic Church
Lyrics 2005-06-27Jessie's Song
Poetry 2005-06-29Lucifer Watches
Poetry 2005-07-05Lucifer Waits
Poetry 2005-07-05Lucifer Laughs
Poetry 2005-08-10Come Alive
Poetry (Rage)2005-08-23To the parents of every teen
Poetry 2005-09-20Scream
Poetry 2005-09-20Cry
Other (Depressed)2005-10-04This is your 5am wake-up call
Poetry (Philosophical)2005-10-21The troubled dreams of a restless god
Poetry 2005-10-21Obscene Angel Girlfriends
Poetry 2005-11-16Walk Backwards down the road of life
Poetry (Philosophical)2005-12-12Pain and Suffering
Poetry 2005-12-14Kiss
Rant (Rage)2005-12-19Fuck You!
Poetry 2006-02-14Valentine's day
Poetry 2006-04-28On the perforated line
Poetry 2006-04-04Letter to a friend
Poetry 2006-04-28Answer my... Hope
Poetry (Political)2006-05-03A Political Nursery Rhyme
Lyrics (Rage)2007-06-04With the ringing of the Doomsday bell
Lyrics (Comedy)2007-08-29Emo Song
Lyrics (Spiritual)2008-03-19Song of Lilith
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