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To pity oneself is to pity the shortcomings of
an ideal.

Negativity is positivity, and the reverse is just
as true, and just as false.

We live in a hellscape. The words to better
describe it are in constant development.

Some of these, and many more:


FlowMyTears's Works

Poetry 2020-04-17Reptile Brain
Poetry 2020-04-18Firefly
Poetry 2020-04-18Money
Poetry 2020-04-20Mail Bomb
Poetry (Depressed)2020-04-20Sad Warrior
Poetry (Reflective)2020-10-04The Song of Narcissus
Poetry 2020-10-12Persecution
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2020-10-12Industrial Waste
Poetry (Comedy)2020-10-12Karen
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2020-10-12Martinsburg
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