I'm a well meaning boomerang.

Kaleidoscope_Heart's Works

Poetry (Ironic)2007-11-17Serpents to Snakes
Poetry (Political)2007-11-19Take and Eat
Poetry (Spiritual)2007-11-19To The Infected,
Poetry (Erotica)2007-11-20Flower Maiden
Poetry (Fiction)2008-01-14She Was Heaven's Envy...
Poetry (Personal)2008-01-19I Ate the Monsters that Broke my Skull.
Poetry (Horror)2008-03-05White hands stitching Crimson Xs
Poetry (Rage)2008-04-07We're not the same cookie fucker!
Poetry (Philosophical)2008-08-07Devouring The Universe
Poetry (Personal)2009-01-06Mother Knows Best
Poetry (Depressed)2009-11-27My letter to anyone and noone who reads it
Poetry (Philosophical)2010-06-13Inspired by Roadkill and Roses
Poetry (Ironic)2010-07-13Tickling Tragedy
Poetry (Reflective)2010-11-24Present-Time
Poetry (Philosophical)2010-12-20Youth-In-Eyes-Sing-God
Poetry (Spiritual)2011-06-30How the Sun-Child Loves the Lunatic
Poetry (Spiritual)2011-07-04Automatic Prayer
Poetry 2012-10-20Uninspired Underwater
Poetry (Personal)2012-10-23Edge of Heaven Lovemaking
Poetry 2012-12-17Another Found Letter Unsent
Poetry 0000-00-00Hello Human
Journal (Tribute)0000-00-00A Cliche Most Precious
Poetry 2017-05-14Children of Rage
Poetry 2017-05-14World-Peace for They
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