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I am me, allow my poetry to define further.

Echoes of Orpheus's Works

Poetry 0000-00-00StarDust
Poetry 2015-05-29Ethereal
Poetry (Love)2015-05-15Horizons
Poetry 2014-11-20Of Writers, Like Reapers
Poetry 2014-11-19She is,
Poetry (Personal)2011-11-22Ouroboros
Poetry 2011-09-17Of Brevity and Legacies.
Poetry 2011-04-17Beautiful Transgressions.
Poetry 2010-11-1421
Poetry (Love)2010-05-18Awaken Me; Awake In Me.
Poetry (Depressed)2009-06-04Stardeath
Poetry 2009-05-24The Illusionist
Poetry (Tribute)2009-05-06Fantasy & Ecstasy
Poetry 2009-04-16Midnight Eclipse.
Poetry (Depressed)2009-04-09The Thing About Guilt.
Poetry 2009-04-05New Age Romantic.
Poetry (Love)2009-03-26When Heaven's Not Enough
Poetry (Love)2009-03-01Of Cracks and Perfection.
Poetry (Comedy)2009-01-28Virgin Moonshine
Poetry (Love)2009-01-18When God Isn't Watching.
Poetry 2009-01-13Ship in a Bottle III
Poetry 2009-01-10Ship In A Bottle II
Poetry (Love)2008-11-16If I were God
Poetry 2008-10-23Frozen Blood, and a Promise Kept.
Poetry 2008-10-20The Devil Wouldn't Buy my Soul
Poetry 2008-10-19Not forgotten
Poetry (Comedy)2008-10-07Penguin Feathers
Poetry 2008-09-07The Poet of Lost Love
Poetry 2008-06-20Sandcastle Princess
Poetry 2008-06-16Ship In A Bottle
Poetry 2008-04-04The Ballad of Orpheus
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