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there's a hell of a good universe next door;
let's go.

- ee cummings

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Because I never know what to recommend, here's the list of stuff of mine other people seem to like the best:

1. Green Fire
2. Bent
3. Love's Vespine Allegory
4. The Ballad of Flattery's Doom
5. Damn Reality
6. Lupercal
7. guilt and inner sins
8. Pen and Drink
9. *deeper than...wordless*
10. Kiss Me Once More

purr_verse's Works

Poetry 2013-10-04Burn
Poetry 2010-12-20deConstruction Time Again, redux
Poetry 2010-08-28glorious, diminished
Poetry 2008-03-02Um...just a short monologue to go, thanks.
Poetry (Structured)2007-10-13surrender in 5.7.5.
Poetry 2007-05-10Self: Sufficient
Poetry 2007-04-19The Ballad of Flattery's Doom
Poetry 2007-03-24Meaning Less
Poetry 2007-03-18InAnimate
Poetry 2006-10-14Flaccid
Poetry 2006-08-18Psycho, Analyst
Poetry 2006-06-22becoming poetry
Poetry 2006-01-06Pocketlife
Poetry 2005-12-22dis.society
Poetry (Structured)2005-09-10Pre-Winter Discontent
Poetry 2005-06-19her name was cinders
Poetry 2005-05-05crush
Poetry 2005-02-10Love's Vespine Allegory
Graphic Art 2005-01-15Ares
Poetry 2005-01-07The next one's a winner
Poetry 2004-10-06guilt and inner sins
Poetry 2004-08-19Quiplash
Poetry 2004-04-14when these two realms collide (starbound+infinite)
Poetry 2004-03-23*deeper than ... wordless*
Poetry 2004-02-08flood
Poetry 2004-01-25Ignis Fatuus
Poetry 2004-01-08Lupercal
Poetry 2004-01-04Codex for Berlin (Triptych: Final Flight)
Poetry 2004-01-02Triptych III: Rheinherz in Flammen
Poetry 2004-01-01Triptych II: This Muted God
Poetry 2003-12-27Triptych I: deConstruction Time Again
Poetry 2003-12-20Pen and Drink
Poetry 2003-12-14Damn Reality
Poetry 2003-12-06Desire
Poetry 2003-12-04Leitmotif
Poetry 2003-12-01Green Fire
Lyrics 2003-11-24Kiss Me Once More
Lyrics 2003-11-17Forget Me Not
Poetry 2003-11-12Boudoir Requiem
Poetry 2003-11-10Bent
Lyrics 2003-11-10Narcosis
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