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there's a hell of a good universe next door;
let's go.

- ee cummings

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Because I've been asked but never know which of my pieces to recommend, here's the list of stuff of mine other people seem to like the best:

1. Green Fire
2. Bent
3. Love's Vespine Allegory
4. The Ballad of Flattery's Doom
5. Damn Reality
6. Lupercal
7. guilt and inner sins
8. Pen and Drink
9. Kiss Me Once More
10. Colours Without Names

Let's dance.

purr_verse's Works

Poetry 2013-10-04Burn
Poetry 2010-12-20deConstruction Time Again, redux
Poetry 2010-08-28glorious, diminished
Poetry 2008-03-02Um...just a short monologue to go, thanks.
Poetry (Structured)2007-10-13surrender in 5.7.5.
Poetry 2007-05-10Self: Sufficient
Poetry 2007-04-19The Ballad of Flattery's Doom
Poetry 2007-03-24Meaning Less
Poetry 2007-03-18InAnimate
Poetry 2006-10-14Flaccid
Poetry 2006-08-18Psycho, Analyst
Poetry 2006-06-22becoming poetry
Poetry 2006-01-06Pocketlife
Poetry 2005-12-22dis.society
Poetry (Structured)2005-09-10Pre-Winter Discontent
Poetry 2005-06-19her name was cinders
Poetry 2005-05-05crush
Poetry 2005-02-10Love's Vespine Allegory
Graphic Art 2005-01-15Ares
Poetry 2005-01-07The next one's a winner
Poetry 2004-10-06guilt and inner sins
Poetry 2004-08-19Quiplash
Poetry 2004-04-14when these two realms collide (starbound+infinite)
Poetry 2004-02-18Her First Next Door Universe
Poetry 2004-02-08flood
Poetry 2004-01-25Ignis Fatuus
Poetry 2004-01-08Lupercal
Poetry 2004-01-04Codex for Berlin (Triptych: Final Flight)
Poetry 2004-01-02Triptych III: Rheinherz in Flammen
Poetry 2004-01-01Triptych II: This Muted God
Poetry 2003-12-27Triptych I: deConstruction Time Again
Poetry 2003-12-20Pen and Drink
Poetry 2003-12-14Damn Reality
Poetry 2003-12-06Desire
Poetry 2003-12-04Leitmotif
Poetry 2003-12-01Green Fire
Lyrics 2003-11-24Kiss Me Once More
Poetry 2003-11-20Colours Without Names
Lyrics 2003-11-17Forget Me Not
Poetry 2003-11-12Boudoir Requiem
Poetry 2003-11-10Bent
Lyrics 2003-11-10Narcosis
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