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Herein lies madness. Forever a search for truth, even though truth proves as ephemeral as ever, malleable and mutable. If there is a truth, it is that there is no truth, or, at the very least, that language has rendered truth unknowable.

MercyRain's Works

Poetry 2001-05-29the Virus
Essay 2003-03-10On Love
Short Story (Fiction)2003-03-18Madness Insipid
Poetry 2003-04-05Red
Short Story 2003-04-11Insipid Madness
Poetry 2003-12-27Winter in a Birch-Wood
Poetry 2004-01-03the Dragon Cycle: Recycled Yet Again
Poetry 2004-08-02old skool farts
Poetry (Love)2005-01-12After-Dinner Mint
Poetry (Spiritual)2005-01-12I am Man
Poetry 2015-06-26in defense of naivety
Poetry (Comedy)0000-00-00#RIP
Poetry (Love)0000-00-00what remains?
Poetry (Political)0000-00-00working class hero
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