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Poetry (Love)2006-01-29musclerelaxedteenagerNo7
Poetry (Philosophical)2005-12-29Dec[ember]High
Poetry (Love)2005-12-24With poets, I am [madly] in love.
Graphic Art (Personal)2005-12-22I, a picture of myself.
Poetry (Philosophical)2005-12-22Calamitous] Splendor [.
Poetry (Philosophical)2005-12-19floating [downwards & upwards] & sidewards
Poetry (Personal)2005-12-11Oh, Stoned
Poetry (Philosophical)2005-11-30Flat Red Shoes
Poetry (Love)2005-11-29Notice the 1930s Radio
Poetry (Love)2005-08-09Wake me tip-toed
Poetry (Philosophical)2005-06-29my tragedy [lies] in numbers
Graphic Art (Personal)2005-06-13Calamity as[blondie]
Poetry (Reflective)2005-05-30Unfortunate Recollection on a Star Burned Night
Poetry (Personal)2005-04-11Vulgar.Hands.Undress
Poetry (Love)2005-04-09today was pe.rfe.ct
Poetry (Personal)2005-03-11Burning in the Mysterious Sway
Poetry (Philosophical)2005-03-05To Choke On Glitter With Perfect Eyes..
Poetry (Reflective)2005-02-17Celebrate.The Waste Of Ink
Poetry (Ironic)2005-02-10This Is [Yours]
Poetry (Reflective)2005-02-06Moving Into Speckled Faces
Poetry (Personal)2005-01-24The Ocean Was Ours. . [to say you're mine]
Poetry (Love)2005-01-09Cross-Heart Promises & Forever
Poetry (Ironic)2004-12-22Your Chance {Stings Me} Now
Poetry (Depressed)2004-12-05The Pale-Tongued Kiss*
Poetry (Ironic)2004-12-03.our attempts to escape another.
Poetry (Ironic)2004-11-28Scream Murder, Heavy Pearls
Poetry (Reflective)2004-11-26Portrait of a Whore/Burnt Pale Into The Sky
Poetry (Love)2004-11-25..we promised {our} love on forgotten locks of hair..
Poetry (Ironic)2004-11-22A Collector Of B/ro\\ke/n Words
Poetry (Personal)2004-11-20The Romance of the [Howling] Woman
Poetry (Spiritual)2004-11-16Sugar-Rimmed Wine Glass [t]Rip
Poetry (Reflective)2004-11-12{sun-bruised fields} or Our Poison Melts The Ground
Poetry (Love)2004-11-10The Brand You've Etched Into Your Back
Poetry (Personal)2004-11-09simple sentences of wanting
Poetry (Reflective)2004-11-06For Now We Toast [To You,As You Wanted]
Poetry (Love)2004-11-04[{Du Bist Schon}]
Poetry (Love)2004-11-03Tangerine Lights, Star Crossed
Poetry (Love)2004-11-01Porcelain Decorations To {Love} By...
Poetry (Ironic)2004-10-31Itching At My Mind , Mockery
Poetry (Love)2004-10-05Here I Find You [Cities We'd Never Know]
Poetry (Personal)2004-10-03Spun Into Your Scent
Poetry (Depressed)2004-10-02Your Eyes Into Halves
Poetry (Philosophical)2004-10-02The Gleam Of Insects
Poetry (Depressed)2004-10-02A Crash Of Strangling Roses
Poetry (Personal)2004-09-27Of A Lover
Poetry (Personal)2004-09-27Stars Into Crevices
Poetry (Philosophical)2004-09-21Antidote For Pain [pleasure of time]
Poetry (Personal)2004-09-21Hearts , Broken
Poetry (Love)2004-09-18Eyes To The Mirror
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