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" ..D i s a s t e r..
that's what i wrought with my 'little' games...
You'd think i'd learn something from it,
wouldn't you?
Well, I did actually.
I really did.
But it's just so PAINFUL to shrink back into the shadows...
so hurtful to be again the ..o u t s i d e r..
forever on the fringes, struggling with good and evil in the age-old
..p r i v a t e..h e l l..
of body and soul." Queen of the Damned

" I may be soft in your palm B U T i'll soon Grow Hungry for a fight
I will .. N O T.. let you win"

"I'll be your girl if you say it's a gift AND i'll be your pet if you only say it's a gift ... and you'll feed me some more of your drug's" - >>PLEASE say it's a gift@!@>>
(Fiona apple)
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