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Once there was a bubble

Not anymore.

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Poetry 2016-12-30Silver shines
Graphic Art 2016-12-28upon the waning flight
Graphic Art 2016-12-28dark was the night
Poetry 2016-12-26we will never pray
Graphic Art 2016-12-18Blue! My Tabloogatron!
Poetry 2016-12-15May I Remind You
Poetry 0000-00-00Yesterday's
Poetry 0000-00-00clever translations: dust bunnies of the earth [repost]
Poetry 2016-12-03marble finish: urn without instruction
Poetry 2014-10-27like fire.
Poetry 2014-05-21pangelic
Poetry 2013-09-23divulge.
Poetry 2013-09-22imposable disdecision
Poetry 2012-05-25Irretastable
Poetry 2012-05-25Sighcosis
Poetry 2011-12-05slow-motion.strain
Poetry 2011-08-02Timeless whining.
Poetry 2010-08-28facefully [ fall from grace]
Poetry 2010-08-27bobbing for heroes
Poetry (Personal)2010-08-08selfshavings
Poetry 2010-03-19pocketoblivion
Poetry 2010-03-10delicious delicacy i hope you die.
Poetry 2010-02-25im.pecable freight trains. on bored
Poetry 2010-02-16impolitely.everafter
Poetry 2010-02-15for you.
Poetry 2010-01-28like this. touch me
Poetry (Tribute)2010-01-04Dad.
Poetry (Personal)2005-11-06overdose d iscrepancies of shock:treatment
Poetry 2009-11-11patients.i am but the friend
Poetry 2009-09-14stuttering gun fight.
Poetry 2009-01-20prismacoward translations
Poetry 2009-01-07r.
Poetry 2007-08-11raping love like war: target practice dove
Poetry girl.
Poetry (Tribute)2007-08-04featherlessly flying-where the moon gave way
Poetry 2007-07-11lip synced gunshots|hushed finger
Poetry 2007-07-09pandora's straightjacket/a boxlike mimcry
Poetry 2007-07-07optically illusive: leashed of all my worries
Poetry 2007-06-19six sense sex/druggy suicide
Poetry (Adult)2007-05-21making love/with touch
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