Sometimes I forget How Lucky I Am!

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Name: Adam
Hair: Brown
Build: 5'5"ish
Email: darkpoetry[[at]]

Adam's Works

Poetry (Reflective)2019-04-04Hard Draft
Essay (Political)2015-03-21Draft: Chik-Fil-A President: Gay Marriage
Poetry 2014-02-07Should be safe
Poetry 2012-07-09Courage to fly
Poetry 2012-03-11Later to hell I shall fall
Poetry 2011-11-06If only I see it - Is it still beautiful?
Other 2010-11-022010 Goals revisited
Journal (Non-Fiction)2010-10-03Loser
Poetry 2010-08-27All I want for my birthday...
Poetry 2010-02-06Thank you! :)
Graphic Art 2009-12-30Darkpoetry- Never to be washed away!
Poetry 2009-04-30I tell you this: "If only I would risk"
Essay (Non-Fiction)2008-12-18He is a leader!
Other (Non-Fiction)2008-08-25One Suite, one room, two genders - whole article
Review (Reflective)2008-07-20Don't be A Hater.
Graphic Art (Reflective)2008-05-20Memories Of A Missed Friend
Rant (Non-Fiction)2008-05-06People my age.... Damn
Poetry (Ironic)2008-03-18How Does A Dark Poet Write Happiness?
Journal (Non-Fiction)2008-01-24Struggles With Mis-Managed Money
Short Story (Non-Fiction)2007-12-17Fetching a Family
Poetry 2007-11-28Please, o Please
Journal (Non-Fiction)2007-10-04Here we go again. 2007-10-04 Journal Entry
Other (Non-Fiction)2007-09-09The Best Meal Ever! (class project)
Poetry 2007-01-31Failing
Poetry (Depressed)2006-11-01Away?
List (Non-Fiction)2006-01-09What I am feeling right now.
Poetry (Personal)2006-01-03You for me
Poetry (Personal)2005-12-01What you were
Poetry (Personal)2005-11-28What is it? is it...
Poetry (Personal)2005-11-15Submissive to you *
Poetry (Personal)2005-09-12Hidden From This World
Poetry 2005-00-00Will they ever care that I try? (Wrong)
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