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they didn't know why
it was
but it could kill me
poor girl
so sad
very tragic
not yet
i will be defiant
stubborn beyond reason
i have monsters to slay
and cancer definitely picked
the wrong bitch

~ . tragic librarian outlaw cabal . ~

I asked him to save me
to be my shelter
because his beautiful eyes
made me promises with his lips
like snowflakes in summer
He smiled softly with a chuckle
and told me he couldn't
he had other things
he needed to do that day
So I let him forget me

I wanted to be beautiful,
Not stunning to the eye
But pleasing to the soul
A salve for torn whispers
And broken promises
A shelter again't the raging
... I can be pretty
But I it just doesn't seem enough

B: D? You're nicer to me and treat me better than my own mother, why?
Me: Did you ever think that maybe it's because you deserve it?

I don't write for you
.... or me
it's the words you see
they want what they want
I'm just a stone they pass over
as they go....

this life doesn't come with any guarantees
only choices
each choice a step
you can walk
you can run
you can dance
you will trip
you will stumble
and you will fall
and get up
again and again
just never stand still
and let your feet forget
their potential

~ d.reynolds

dark poetry doesn't have to be
obscene, gruesome, shocking,
sick, crude or twisted to be dark....
... the dark
is what you make of it

".... it was always you. It's always been you." ~RNG

in the quietest breath
between the breeze moving a cloud
and my hand brushing your pillow
i miss you
with an ache
that fills my heart
with stillness
i love you
beyond love
without limitation

~ d. reynolds (nikesrain)

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