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... And we decide which is right
And which is an illusion
(the moody blues)

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Poetry 2021-08-02Time Crystals
Poetry 2021-08-02No time for stupid
Poetry 2014-04-17what a downer
Poetry 2014-04-03Today
Poetry 2014-01-29a life devoid
Poetry 2014-01-2453
Poetry 2013-02-16 I Am All That
Poetry 2010-10-24Yea...I was young once
Poetry 2009-05-07Homage to the Morning Boner (a haiku)
Poetry 2009-05-06The Rose, The Thorn and The Crimson Trail
Poetry 2009-05-01Demons, Demons Everywhere
Poetry 2009-05-01W.W.A.D. ?
Poetry 2009-04-28WORLD SWINE DAY
Poetry 2009-04-28in the absence of chatter
Poetry 2009-04-204/20
Poetry 2009-04-16The Swan
Poetry 2009-04-16A Sperms Life
Poetry 2009-04-15The Raptor and the Rapture
Poetry 2009-04-15Too Long Gone (from DP)
Poetry 2006-07-11A Soldier's Dawn
Poetry 2006-07-08STILLNESS
Poetry 2005-12-14Phoenix - Redefined
Poetry 2005-10-25Why I Write On DP
Poetry 2005-10-19Worship
Poetry 2005-10-07HERE'S TO YOU !!!
Poetry 2005-10-03fuck the man (a limerick)
Poetry 2005-09-28Visions of Contentment
Poetry 2005-09-27The Deliverer
Poetry 2005-09-27Autumn Commeth
Poetry 2005-04-26i swallow
Poetry 2005-04-25 Dream
Poetry 2005-03-14my kurupt mind
Poetry 2005-03-01fucking stars
Poetry 2005-02-20 affirmation
Poetry 2005-01-18Release Me (reformatted)
Poetry 2005-01-17TimeWarpedMind
Poetry 2005-01-16Spatial Awareness
Poetry 2004-12-20The Song of Mother Earth to her Beloved Phoenix
Poetry 2004-12-19no one
Essay 2004-12-19Unexplained Things
Poetry 2004-12-18The Tragedy and the Triumph
Poetry 2004-11-14the sin
Poetry 2004-11-06Free the Soul (reformatted)
Poetry 2004-11-05Law (of Spiritual Mechanics)
Poetry 2004-11-05Evangelical (a haiku)
Poetry 2004-11-03Harbored Desires
Poetry 2004-11-02Paradox (reformatted)
Poetry 2004-10-31The Well-Spring
Poetry 2004-10-15the Pond ( haiku compilation )
Poetry 2004-10-06simply vain (a haiku)
Poetry 2004-10-06Time (repost)
Poetry 2004-10-06the waltz (a haiku)
Poetry 2004-10-03unhealthy desire?
Poetry 2004-10-03Thoughts On Life
Poetry 2004-09-30Nobody's Fool
Poetry 2004-09-30and on and on and on (a haiku)
Poetry 2004-09-20just another day (politically speaking)
Poetry 2004-09-20Blessed/Cursed Ego
Poetry 2004-09-19a cutters hymn
Poetry 2004-09-19again
Poetry 2004-09-12lost and found
Poetry 2004-09-11The Cornucopia
Poetry 2004-09-10In my dreams
Poetry 2004-09-08Rites of Passage
Poetry 2004-09-053 for John Glenn
Poetry 2004-09-03don't tell me your shit don't stink!
Poetry 2004-09-03Questions Answered?
Poetry 2004-09-03 the haiku
Poetry 2004-08-29Anarchist
Poetry 2004-08-29paranoid
Poetry 2004-08-28the spark
Poetry 2004-08-27my headache...
Poetry 2004-08-27our love is deeper -
Poetry 2004-08-26Whispers...
Poetry 2004-08-25wizard's incantation
Poetry 2004-08-24the challenge
Poetry 2004-08-23Freedom is an Illusion
Poetry 2004-08-23one wish
Poetry 2004-08-22Fire, Fire
Poetry 2004-08-21a question
Poetry 2004-08-21the quest
Poetry 2004-08-20Windblown Desert Sands
Poetry 2004-08-18the vessel
Poetry 2004-08-18remember...
Poetry 2004-08-17dearly departed
Poetry 2004-08-17The Mystic (repost)
Poetry 2004-08-17LOVE
Poetry 2004-08-16on Zophiel
Poetry 2004-08-16brainwashed nation
Poetry 2004-08-16three saints
Poetry 2004-08-15linger
Poetry 2004-08-15Lost Love
Poetry 2004-08-14Vision of a Feast (or Feast for One) - repost
Poetry 2004-08-14Tread Softly
Poetry 2004-08-08Wayward Child (repost)
Graphic Art 2004-08-08Her Supreme Highness
Poetry 2004-08-08And Nothing Lasts Forever
Poetry 2004-08-07Heaven's Glow
Poetry 2004-08-03in the beginning...
Poetry 2004-08-03just live
Poetry 2004-08-03Visions
Poetry 2004-08-03The Harlot and the King in a Prison of Hearts
Poetry 2004-08-03Raging Torrents
Poetry 2004-08-02Some Other God
Poetry 2004-08-02the light
Poetry 2004-08-02Where is my Faith?
Poetry 2004-08-01DP Chatter
Poetry 2004-08-01No vanity here
Poetry 2004-08-01Prison of Hearts
Poetry 2004-08-01Procrastination (the unfinished version)
Poetry 2004-08-01I am thy vessel
Poetry 2004-07-29yesterday I thought I loved you
Poetry 2004-07-29one simple truth
Poetry 2004-07-29Release me
Poetry 2004-07-28All Torn Up Over You
Poetry 2004-07-27You and I
Poetry 2004-07-27crawl
Poetry 2004-07-27sacrilege
Poetry 2004-07-27six questions
Poetry 2004-07-27the Presence
Poetry 2004-07-26the Maze
Poetry 2004-07-24Time Bomb
Poetry 2004-07-23the Temple Keeper
Poetry 2004-07-22The Tapestry
Poetry 2004-07-22And the miles go by
Poetry 2004-07-22Dedication to a Spider
Poetry 2004-07-22There is magic in these words
Poetry 2004-07-21The DP Gang
Poetry 2004-07-21Here I sit
Poetry 2004-07-20The Harlot and the King
Poetry 2004-07-20Obsessed
Poetry 2004-07-20Where?
Poetry 2004-07-20The Awakening
Poetry 2004-07-19Dark Corners in My Closet
Poetry 2004-07-19Things I love
Poetry 2004-07-19The Truth Exposed
Poetry 2004-07-19Faith
Poetry 2004-07-19Cherish
Poetry 2004-07-18Hardtimes
Poetry 2004-07-18Perhaps
Poetry 2004-07-18Words, Words
Poetry 2004-07-18Free the Soul
Poetry 2004-07-17Why?
Poetry 2004-07-17One
Poetry 2004-07-17Time
Poetry 2004-07-17The Mystic
Poetry 2004-07-17Creation Theory
Poetry 2004-07-17Windows of My Mind
Poetry 2004-07-17song
Poetry 2004-07-14And the Song Remains the Same
Poetry 2004-07-14Vision of a Feast (or Feast for One)
Poetry 2004-07-14 Wicked Wicked Little Heart
Poetry 2004-07-14Paradox
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