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Poetry 2006-10-24Let's Build
Poetry (Love)2006-08-16The Social Worker Named Mrs. King
Poetry (Reflective)2006-08-16I Bow to the Tao
Short Story (Non-Fiction)2006-08-16Another Giant Leap - 2006
Rant (Spiritual)2002-09-13Stopping Bullets with a Breath
Other (Personal)2006-08-07My Charter
Poetry 2006-08-01Let Love
Poetry (Love)2006-08-01Mother Lover
Poetry (Love)2006-07-25Forever
Poetry 2006-07-25Jesus Loves
Poetry (Spiritual)2006-07-23One Universal
Poetry 2006-07-21Rize Up
Poetry (Spiritual)2006-07-21Unification
Poetry (Spiritual)2006-07-21Miracle
Graphic Art (Love)2006-07-21Our Conception
Other (Spiritual)2006-07-02Jesus Christ
Poetry (Spiritual)2006-06-23A Rainbow
Graphic Art (Spiritual)2006-06-19My Grandpa called her Mouse
Poetry (Spiritual)2006-05-11Free Together
Graphic Art 2006-05-11Backstage Pass!
Graphic Art 2006-05-10Coachella 2006
Graphic Art 2006-03-24ONE LOVE
Graphic Art 2006-03-22A YEPP! Celebration
Graphic Art 2006-03-22The Cake
Graphic Art 2006-03-22Mr. King & Principal
Graphic Art 2006-03-22Cutting the Cake
Graphic Art (Tribute)2006-03-22YEPP! Launch
Graphic Art (Tribute)2006-02-09Hawaii Collage for Charley
Graphic Art (Spiritual)2006-01-20A Sign
Graphic Art (Spiritual)2006-01-20Aloha
Graphic Art (Spiritual)2006-01-20Kina'ole
Graphic Art 2006-01-20Father, Sun, and Son
Graphic Art (Spiritual)2006-01-20Kevin's Tree
Graphic Art (Spiritual)2006-01-20Matt Surfs
Graphic Art 2006-01-20T & S
Graphic Art 2006-01-20Trish Forever
Graphic Art 2006-01-20YEPP! is coming!
Graphic Art 2006-01-20United Teachers of LA Support!
Rant (Spiritual)2006-01-20Seth's New Year's Manifesto for 2006 - Addendum
Rant (Spiritual)2006-01-04Seth & Trish's New Year's Manifesto for 2006
Poetry (Spiritual)2005-12-27Karmic Boomerang
Essay (Reflective)2005-12-23On Character Education
Rant (Spiritual)2005-12-23Pop Artists Unplugged
Rant (Spiritual)2005-12-23Christmas Bulb
Rant (Spiritual)2005-12-23Dark Bulb
Rant (Spiritual)2005-12-23Light Bulb
Poetry (Spiritual)2005-12-23Ignorance & Insanity
Poetry (Spiritual)2005-12-02Of You
Poetry (Spiritual)2005-12-011
Poetry (Spiritual)2005-12-01Honored
Poetry (Spiritual)2005-12-01Sacred
Poetry (Spiritual)2005-12-01My Prayer
Rant (Spiritual)2005-12-01Our Mission
Graphic Art (Reflective)2005-11-21Ascension Education
Graphic Art (Spiritual)2005-11-01PACT and YEPP!
Poetry (Love)2005-10-06Perfect Together
Poetry (Reflective)2005-09-22Enlightenment
Graphic Art 2005-09-22Ruby
Poetry (Spiritual)2005-09-20Life
Graphic Art 2005-08-20Cake
Graphic Art (Tribute)2005-08-19Joe
Graphic Art (Reflective)2005-08-16Celebrate...
Short Story (Non-Fiction)2005-07-31Icing on the Cake
Other (Spiritual)2005-07-25Sponsor A Child
Short Story (Non-Fiction)2005-07-21The Substitute Teacher Named Mr. King - Hebrew 2005
Rant 2005-07-10Money Wise
Short Story 2005-07-07Ups & Downs
Other 2005-07-04Now Available!
Other 2005-06-29A Lucky Man
Poetry 2005-06-29All For You
Poetry 2005-06-28Soul Solvent (w/ braindead_poet)
Poetry 2005-06-27Within Me
Poetry 2005-06-24Everywhere
Poetry 2005-06-24The Power of Word
Poetry 2005-06-22Tough Love
Poetry 2005-06-17Tomorrow Will Come
Poetry 2005-06-1712 Children
Poetry 2005-06-17Dearest Mom
Poetry 2005-06-17Man of Steel
Poetry 2005-06-17Relief
Poetry 2005-06-16Choose to Honor Life
Poetry 2005-06-16Rainbow Is Real
Poetry 2005-06-15Out on a Limb?
Poetry 2005-06-14To the Addict
Poetry 2005-06-14Pain
Poetry 2005-06-12One Last Breath
Poetry 2005-06-12As We Are
Other 2005-06-12Thank You Norma
Poetry 2005-06-12Life is a Miracle
Poetry 2005-06-12Untitled
Graphic Art 2005-06-12Miracle
Poetry 2005-06-10Worth Every Moment
Poetry 2005-06-09My Decision
Poetry 2005-06-09Modern Day Moses - 2005
Poetry 2005-06-08nobody
Poetry 2005-06-08In Your Heart
Poetry 2005-06-06In My Heart
Poetry 2005-06-05Alone
Poetry 2005-06-05Before Dawn Breaks
Other 2005-06-03My Landmark Money Seminar 6/6/05 Possibility...
Poetry 2005-06-01My Brothers
Short Story 2005-05-26A Tale of Starfish
Poetry 2005-05-25I Honor You
Poetry 2005-05-25Family
Poetry 2005-05-25Sacred Words
Poetry 2005-05-25I love you more
Graphic Art 2005-05-25Ascension Education Lesson 5-5-05
Graphic Art 2005-05-25A Mother's Day Assignment
Poetry 2005-05-24A Difference
Poetry 2005-05-23Still One
Poetry 2005-05-22Questions
Poetry 2005-05-22A Leader
Poetry 2005-05-22Down to Earth
Poetry 2005-05-22A Movement
Poetry 2005-05-22For You
Rant 2005-05-22I Believe
Poetry 2005-05-22My Answer
Rant 2005-05-22Educational Politics
Poetry 2005-05-22My Code
Poetry 2005-05-18Found
Poetry 2005-05-18One
Poetry 2005-05-14Home
Poetry 2005-05-13Like a hot poker in the eye...
Poetry 2005-05-12A Fine Line
Poetry 2005-05-12A New Season
Poetry 2005-05-12Trish is
Poetry 2005-05-12The Language
Poetry 2005-05-12A Miss?
Poetry 2005-05-11The Key
Poetry 2005-05-11People Power
Poetry 2005-05-11One Great Teacher
Rant 2005-05-11Teacher Power
Poetry 2005-05-11My Challenge
Poetry 2005-05-10Untitled
Poetry 2005-05-02A Soul to Stop Traffic
Poetry 2005-04-18Every Letter Felt (W/ suicideseason)
Poetry 2005-04-18Reflected
Essay 2005-04-17A Letter about Peru to Anidayz
Rant 2005-04-15Emotionabysssss
Poetry 2005-04-15Mom
Graphic Art 2005-04-14Holy Peru
Graphic Art 2005-04-13The Mountain
Graphic Art 2005-04-13Machu Picchu
Graphic Art 2005-04-13The Incan Man
Graphic Art 2005-04-13Waterfall
Graphic Art 2005-04-13Mother Uprising
Graphic Art 2005-04-13Victorious
Graphic Art 2005-04-13The Power
Poetry 2005-03-17To Learn
Poetry 2005-03-17We
Poetry 2005-03-17To See
Poetry 2005-03-14To Teach
Graphic Art 2005-03-13Ascension Education Lesson 3-11-05
Poetry 2005-03-04DarkPoetry
Poetry 2005-03-04Wisdom
Graphic Art 2005-02-25Death is force of nature...
Graphic Art 2005-02-25Ascension Education Lesson 2-25-05
Graphic Art 2005-02-25An Eagle Rising
Graphic Art 2005-02-25The 74th St. Performers
Graphic Art 2005-02-25Immaculate Performance
Graphic Art 2005-02-24The Power In Our Hands
Graphic Art 2005-02-24The Power In Our Hands 2
Poetry 2005-02-19Imperfect Yet
Rant 2005-02-19For the People
Rant 2005-02-19I Still Don't Hate Bush Anymore
Poetry 2005-02-16Heroes
Graphic Art 2005-02-09Western Avenue Elementary
Graphic Art 2005-02-09Our Home in Venice...
Graphic Art 2005-02-09My 1990 Geo Storm
Graphic Art 2005-02-09My Computer Screen
List 2005-02-06Ascension Education Concept Foundation - 2005
Essay 2005-02-05Ascension Education
Poetry 2005-02-05Who Am I?
Poetry 2004-12-26The Oak
Graphic Art 2004-12-23Milt Star
Graphic Art 2004-12-22Easy Rider
Graphic Art 2004-12-22A Nightmare before Christmas!
Graphic Art 2004-12-22Terminator Grandma
Poetry 2004-12-15A Natural Mystic - Part 2
Essay 2004-12-15Seth Says #2 - On Justice
Poetry 2004-12-15The Answer
Poetry 2004-12-14To Honor All (W/ Solace)
Poetry 2004-12-10The All
Poetry 2004-12-07The Source
Poetry 2004-12-07Poetic Justice
Rant 2004-11-20Love Yourself
Poetry 2004-11-20Altered Ego Maniac
Poetry 2004-11-17Fear Not this Oxygen
Rant 2004-11-14The Prophet - Part Deux
Poetry 2004-11-14Die 4 You
Rant 2004-11-14The Prophet
Rant 2004-11-13Manifest Destiny
Rant 2004-11-13A Proclamation
Rant 2004-11-13Seth Says #1
List 2004-11-13The Ten Fundamental Principles of the Nation of the Sun
Poetry 2004-11-10Fight Fire with Water
Poetry 2004-11-06Bush Won
Rant 2004-11-06Who has the power?
Rant 2004-11-06My Responsibility
Rant 2004-11-061 in 10
Poetry 2004-11-06Read it in Braille
Poetry 2004-11-06The American Dream
Rant 2004-11-06America Stands Up For...
Rant 2004-11-06America Stands Up Against...
Rant 2004-11-06The Paradox
Rant 2004-11-06Phoenix Rising
Poetry 2004-10-23Few Saw Me Coming...
Poetry 2004-10-21The Way
Rant 2004-10-21The 2004 Fall Classic
Rant 2004-10-15Never Gave Up
Rant 2004-09-29A Galaxy of Possibilities
Other 2004-09-26Stop the Draft
List 2004-09-13Unofficial Darkpoetry U.S. Presidential Election
Rant 2004-09-12Vote or Die
Rant 2004-08-30A Breakthrough
Poetry 2004-09-01Forgiveness
Poetry 2004-08-27A Natural Mystic
Poetry 2004-08-24Surf Life 2
Rant 2004-08-23A Night Light
Poetry 2004-08-20Sermon on the Net - 2004
Graphic Art 2004-08-17Matt (Jimbo) & Seth (Fez) go to White Castle
Poetry 2004-07-27Surf Life
Poetry 2004-07-20Primal Rage
Poetry 2004-07-15Miraculous Ecstatic Paradise
Poetry 2004-07-15Humble One
Rant 2004-07-14A Breath
Poetry 2004-07-14God Complex - 2004
Graphic Art 2004-07-10Mr. King lives...
Rant 2004-07-09Free At Last
Poetry 2004-06-21My Word
Rant 2004-05-30The Power and The Mountain
Rant 2004-05-26An Apology
Rant 2004-05-26The Intervention
Rant 2004-05-25Paradise Exploration 1
Poetry 2004-05-22Master Peace
Poetry 2004-05-18A New Love for YOU...
Rant 2004-05-12My Soul!
Essay 2004-05-12My Philosophy of Teaching - 2004
Poetry 2004-04-19Immaculate Conception
Rant 2004-04-16Born Between Urine and Feces
List 2004-04-14Ascension Education Concept Foundation
Graphic Art 2004-03-23A Map of my own Paradise...
Graphic Art 2004-03-19I Don't Hate Bush Anymore
Rant 2004-03-16Always Free
Poetry 2004-03-16One Tree (Still Growing)
Rant 2004-03-14Him
Rant 2004-03-14We
Rant 2004-03-10Paradise Ahead
Graphic Art 2004-02-26One more of my teachers...
Graphic Art 2004-02-16Two of my teachers...
Graphic Art 2004-02-16Peace Forever...
Graphic Art 2004-02-16Power Is cool!
Graphic Art 2004-02-16Show Your Intelligence...
Graphic Art 2004-02-16Mr. King's Superstar Words...
Rant 2004-06-11Seth Speaks
Essay 2004-01-21My Philosophy of Teaching - 1/21/2004
Essay 2002-03-24My Philosophy of Teaching - 3/24/2002
Essay 2004-01-12How To Be an Extraordinary Elementary School Substitute Teacher
Graphic Art 2004-01-08King Me...
Graphic Art 2004-01-08Ascend 1234...
Graphic Art 2004-01-04Final Dedication...
Graphic Art 2004-01-02The End?
Poetry 2004-01-02The Nation of the Sun Forever After...
List 2004-01-02The Modern Nation of the Sun Foundation May Include...
List 2004-01-02The Original Nation of the Sun Foundation...
Graphic Art 2004-01-01Wrap up show...
Poetry 2004-01-01Rest in Peace
Rant 2004-01-01The Shock of the Hour
Graphic Art 2004-01-01Shock the Monkey...
Rant 2004-01-01300 lb. Gorilla
Rant 2004-01-01Beauty and Victory
Poetry 2004-01-01Amazing Grace
Poetry 2003-12-31The Lake of Fire
Graphic Art 2003-12-31Burnin' 2004...
Poetry 2003-12-31Serial Killer
Rant 2003-12-30Path Logical
Graphic Art 2003-12-30The King and I...
Poetry 2003-12-30Modern Day Moses
Rant 2003-12-30Democracy or Hypocrisy?
Rant 2003-12-29Natural Ability
Rant 2003-12-28The Outer Limit
Rant 2003-12-27Super Password
Rant 2003-12-26The Arrival
Graphic Art 2003-12-25Later, Mr. King slam-dunked the basketball at recess!
Graphic Art 2003-12-25Pain Alone
Graphic Art 2003-12-25A prophecy nearly complete...
Poetry 2003-12-25Sermon on the Net
Poetry 2003-12-24Over The Falls
Poetry 2003-12-23Puzzle Pieces
Poetry 2003-12-22Crunch Time
Poetry 2003-12-22Enos Slaughter
Graphic Art 2003-12-21Holy Armageddon War Games
Rant 2003-12-21Enlighten-Mint Ice Cream
Rant 2003-12-21Watermellon Seeds
Poetry 2003-12-21The Schizophrenic Saviour
List 2003-12-21Christ Vice Poetry...
Poetry 2003-12-21The Coming
Short Story 2003-12-20Another Giant Leap (A True Story)
Rant 2003-12-19Holographic Cyber Projections
Poetry 2003-12-19From Here To Eternity
Graphic Art 2003-12-17A Golden Door
Rant 2003-12-16National Insecurity
Poetry 2003-12-16Two Evils (One Greater - One Lesser)
Graphic Art 2003-12-13My old job...
Poetry 2003-12-13Until Sublime
Poetry 2003-12-10Inner Calling
Rant 2003-12-07Burnin' in HeLL. A.
Poetry 2003-12-07The Vortex
Poetry 2003-12-02God Complex
Poetry 2003-12-04A Spark into a Flame
Poetry 2003-12-03Passive Absorption
Poetry 2003-12-01Quantum Leap
Rant 2004-07-14No Voter Left Behind
Rant 2003-11-25Passing the Torch
Short Story 2003-11-25The Substitute Teacher Named Mr. King!
Rant 2003-11-24God's Arrival
Rant 2003-11-20The First and the Last
Rant 2003-11-27Hollow Man
Rant 2003-11-19Eye of the Needle
Poetry 2003-11-18The Reversal
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