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Poetry is my therapy.

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Poetry 2004-11-23Silent Stalker
Poetry 2004-11-24Look Deeper
Poetry 2004-12-03Blood for Oil
Poetry 2004-12-06This Is Not Your War
Poetry 2004-12-14Soul Fire
Poetry 2005-03-23Without Words
Poetry 2005-05-16Without Words II
Poetry 2005-05-31Love Lost
Poetry 2005-06-02No More Pain
Poetry (Comedy)2006-01-31Cowboy Angst
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2006-02-10My Angel has Flown
Poetry 2006-04-22Letting Go
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2006-06-30Jamie Lynn Drake 1987-2006
Poetry 2006-07-01Faith (side two)
Poetry 2006-07-01Faith (side one)
Poetry 2006-07-20Mend
Poetry (Tribute)2008-07-11A Letter for Mom
Poetry 2012-04-18Suicide Soul
Poetry (Depressed)2013-12-30Enough
Poetry 2021-10-12Red String
Poetry 2022-01-02The Forest and the Ocean
Poetry 2022-01-04Words like Honey
Poetry 2022-01-05Mine
Poetry 2022-01-07Me
Poetry 2022-01-08Soldier
Poetry 2022-04-03The Meaning
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