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I love poetry and am glad to be in the company of so many talented poets. Sadness is usually the driving force behind my poetry but you'll find anger and happiness as well. Enjoy.

Soulfire's Works

Poetry 2004-11-16Rage
Poetry 2004-11-23Silent Stalker
Poetry 2004-11-24Look Deeper
Poetry 2004-12-03Blood for Oil
Poetry 2004-12-06This Is Not Your War
Poetry 2004-12-14Soul Fire
Poetry 2005-03-23Without Words
Poetry 2005-05-16Without Words II
Poetry 2005-05-31Love Lost
Poetry 2005-06-02No More Pain
Poetry (Comedy)2006-01-31Cowboy Angst
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2006-02-01San Bernardino Police Shooting
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2006-02-10My Angel has Flown
Poetry 2006-04-22Letting Go
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2006-06-30Jamie Lynn Drake 1987-2006
Poetry 2006-07-01Faith (side two)
Poetry 2006-07-01Faith (side one)
Poetry 2006-07-20Mend
Poetry (Tribute)2008-07-11A Letter for Mom
Poetry 2012-04-18Suicide Soul
Poetry (Depressed)2013-12-30Enough
Poetry 2021-10-12Red String
Poetry 2021-12-27Storm
Poetry 2022-01-02The Forest and the Ocean
Poetry 2022-01-04Words like Honey
Poetry 2022-01-05Mine
Poetry 2022-01-07Me
Poetry 2022-01-08Soldier
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