....a complex aspect you have put before us.......your words have given shape and form to a rare emotion......you are correct....there is a "weight" to intellectual inspiration....~ Urbanhumility

...amen. .. and the subtlety in this is like a heartbeat; so very alive but just barely audible, almost an echo of our own souls.. it's amazing how delicately you drown us all in your words. . .divinity.... ~ saintedmad

...Words washing down walls, their bleeding frames a moment in the mind - a moment of wonder and regret - mixing emotions and thoughts. One of the saddest thoughts I have is a world without you.... ~ solace

as ever, your work is crushing, like slaughtered doves painted beautiful by your words... ~ anth

...good lord this was briliant. i can't even begin to describe the detail to which my eyes were so graciously drawn... ~ sIo

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