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Poetry 2014-04-13Sleep Dance
Poetry 2014-04-03The while
Poetry 2002-12-05A Place To Stand
Poetry 2004-04-13A Song For the Lost One
Poetry 2004-11-20Again, I Feel, Again
Poetry 2004-03-22Aid to the chilD
Poetry 2006-01-28Alone with company ..
Poetry 2003-03-01Before You Love Me
Poetry 2003-12-01Calling On You
Poetry 2003-04-26Claro de Luna
Poetry 2003-11-10Clock
Poetry 2004-10-14Coffee stains the face
Poetry 2004-03-14Dirty Looks & Adrenaline
Poetry 2003-02-28Déjá Vu
Poetry 2004-02-29Entre Brazos
Poetry 2003-11-13Eyes Open
Poetry 2003-08-30Fogs
Poetry 2004-12-21For the Apparent Non-existant
Poetry 2004-01-20Framed form Of you
Poetry 2004-07-14From ten to zero
Poetry 2003-09-18Good for You Solely
Poetry 2004-01-21Here's My Guitar
Poetry 2004-06-10Here's to Tonight
Poetry 2014-04-03In a decade
Poetry 2011-11-04Ink and Truth
Poetry 2004-04-19It ends with a point .
Poetry 2003-12-21Lean Yourself
Poetry 2014-04-01Mechanic
Poetry 2003-10-13Missed You 'Till I Got There
Poetry 2004-01-13New SeNse of Breathing
Poetry 2003-12-26Nowhere Behind
Poetry 2004-01-31Nudity of Expression
Poetry 2003-11-20Of Saints and Sin
Poetry 2002-12-08On the Day I Die
Poetry 2003-04-28Paisage
Poetry 2003-06-24Portrait (The Shades Of You)
Poetry 2003-10-22Pretentious Affair
Poetry 2003-11-27Sober Up
Poetry 2014-04-02Spark
Poetry 2003-11-16Spies
Poetry 2003-05-04Symphony In The Sky
Poetry 2003-08-11That Referring To The Unspoken
Poetry 2003-07-14The Killer In You
Poetry 2003-08-14The Worst Of Poets
Poetry 2004-06-20To Love
Poetry 2004-08-22To hold you
Poetry 2003-07-18Vuelve, Tiempo, Vuelve
Poetry 2014-04-02Warmness of my sun
Poetry 2005-05-05Within Crimes of Time
Poetry 2014-04-01Would You
Poetry 2004-02-17Yellow Post It
Poetry 2006-01-28choke on happiness
Poetry 2014-04-03rains of may
Poetry 2004-08-28see you
Poetry 2004-11-01soliloquy.
Poetry 2003-12-05the =- way -=
Poetry 2003-12-09this december.-
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