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My humble thanks to those of you who have befriended me with your comments, mail, and nightly chats. Special thanks to Twilight, Alone, maddin_sexxxy, and sinnocence for your attention.

I just came back from a long break from writing. It's time to learn and heal again.

Midnight Phoenix's Works

Poetry 2003-04-08Voice of The Whisperer
Poetry 2003-04-08On That Night
Poetry 2003-04-08The Scarecrow
Poetry 2003-04-08Within a Dream
Poetry 2003-04-08Surrounded By Sorrow
Poetry 2003-04-08For Malice
Poetry 2003-04-08The Catcher
Poetry 2003-04-08The Hidden Pond
Poetry 2003-04-08A Lovers Duel
Poetry 2003-04-08Echoes of Woe
Poetry 2003-04-15The Resting
Poetry 2003-04-17Perfect World - Tribute to all Dark Poets
Poetry 2003-04-17Expiration Date
Lyrics 2003-04-24Come Alive
Lyrics 2003-04-30Cloud
Poetry 2003-04-30Heart Explosion
Poetry 2003-04-30Stares
Poetry 2003-04-30One Last Kiss
Poetry 2003-04-30Belong
Poetry 2003-04-30My Mistake
Poetry 2003-04-30Still Afraid
Poetry 2003-04-30Across the Crescent Sadness
Poetry 2003-04-30Nice Knowing
Poetry 2003-05-02The End
Lyrics 2003-05-08Sirens
Lyrics 2003-05-08Boomerang
Lyrics 2003-05-11Shadows & Roses
Lyrics 2003-05-11Forever a Secret
Poetry 2003-05-15Invitation
Poetry 2003-05-22Awake
Poetry 2003-05-28The Flyer
Poetry 2003-05-29Ambiguous Dawn
Poetry 2003-06-02The Glass Mirage
Poetry 2003-06-09Beneath Four Walls of Falling Leaves
Lyrics 2003-06-16Finding a Home
Lyrics 2003-06-22Goodbye, Goodnight
Poetry 2003-06-30On Common Ground
Poetry 2003-07-08Lost Chance
Poetry 2003-07-21Find Me
Poetry 2003-07-22The Reoccuring Dream
Lyrics 2003-07-27My Melodramas - The Reoccuring Dream Part Two
Poetry 2003-07-29Reach (My Internal)
Poetry 2003-07-31Sleepless
Poetry 2003-08-06Calming Storm
Lyrics 2003-08-19Indian Summer
Poetry 2003-09-04Forever and Ever
Poetry 2003-10-02In Loving Misery
Poetry 2003-10-02This Simple Love
Poetry 2003-10-02Akward Silence
Lyrics 2003-10-02On the Edge of Forever
Lyrics 2003-10-25Shattered
Lyrics 2003-10-25Self Defense Mechanism
Poetry 2003-10-25Silver Spyder
Short Story 2003-10-26Even God is Crying for Me
Poetry 2003-11-07The Wishing Well
Poetry 2003-11-19Dead to You
Poetry 2003-12-02Without Love It's Just Not Worth It
Poetry 2003-12-09Dreaming What is Left of Dreams
Poetry 2003-12-14Expressions
Poetry 2004-01-20Dust
Poetry 2004-01-23A Demon's Dream
Poetry 2004-02-04My Own Race
Lyrics 2004-02-15Girl in the Broken Mirror
Poetry 2004-02-16Blood From Broken Hearts
Poetry 2004-02-17The Waiting Room
Lyrics 2004-02-23Burn! Gravity Burn!
Lyrics 2004-03-01Black Dahlia
Lyrics 2004-05-09Depth of Salvation
Short Story 2004-05-20A Perfect Moment
Poetry 2004-05-23Poetry From High School
Lyrics 2004-07-29Violet to Black
Poetry (Depressed)2007-02-19The Nightmare
Poetry (Philosophical)2007-02-19The Infinite
Poetry (Personal)2007-02-19The Friendship
Poetry (Depressed)2007-02-19Love is but a dream
Poetry (Love)2007-03-01When It Was Just Us
Lyrics (Reflective)2007-03-03The Scythe
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