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i was an idiotic, psuedo-depressed "cutter" when i first joined this site- now i am still more or less idiotic. but not the other two. i suppose every poet should be a bit idiotic- so i guess it works out.

this is a record of my progression as a writer.
and i dont care if you like it or not. but i do appreciate criticism.

in the words of grunge demigod, kurt cobaine, "if you read, you'll judge"

manunkind's Works

Poetry 2007-03-01Blood, Skin, Bones And Other Human Weaknesses
Poetry 2007-02-20I've Got Problems
Poetry 2007-02-09Art Is
Poetry 2007-02-02I Write My Day Dreams
Poetry 2007-01-29Dying On the Mountain
Poetry 2007-01-29Reflections
Poetry 2006-12-10Birds
Poetry 2006-12-10Too Much, Fool
Poetry 2006-10-26i shot the moon
Poetry 2006-10-01Scream! Give This Love a Sound!
Poetry 2006-09-27I wear your touch
Poetry 2006-09-07The Maple Leaf
Poetry 2006-08-05The Child's Heart
Poetry 2006-06-24Stop Infinity
Poetry 2006-05-09Moving Season (A Sestina)
Poetry 2006-05-06The Broken Hearted Lion
Poetry 2006-03-24An Excavation
Poetry 2006-03-12Blake's Red Breast
Poetry 2006-03-07why is it
Poetry 2006-03-03who goes there?
Poetry 2006-02-21The Beach: A Sensory Experience
Other 2006-02-20A Snake In the Night
Poetry 2006-01-26The Seven Deadly Sins
Poetry 2005-12-07Thank You Gene Pool
Short Story 2005-12-07a story in 101 words
Poetry 2005-11-12Soliloquy
Poetry 2005-10-31The Most Fearful Ordeal
Poetry 2005-10-18The Samurai (a villanelle)
Poetry 2005-10-13I Am From
Poetry 2005-10-07A Petal For Your Thoughts
Poetry 2005-10-06A Sort-Of Sestina (In The Library)
Poetry 2005-09-22Thirteen Views of the Cigarette
Poetry 2005-09-20Alison Abraham, Four Years Old, Tateyama, Japan (Spring, 1990)
Poetry 2005-09-18suicide note taped to gym locker
Poetry 2005-09-15a series of haiku and short poems
Poetry 2005-09-08A song for the poets
Poetry 2005-09-05an ode to unchantment
Poetry 2005-08-24goodbye
Poetry 2005-08-23I am the Same
Poetry 2005-08-21You Are Not My King.
Poetry 2005-07-29sunflowers
Poetry 2005-06-16z, last and liking it
Poetry 2005-05-19internally skeletal
Poetry 2005-05-07The Wild Flower Women (a triolet)
Poetry 2005-05-05The Necklace
Poetry 2005-04-30The One Whom "God" Forgot
Poetry 2005-04-30fear's dread of life (6,4,8)
Poetry 2005-04-16grand scale ablution
Poetry 2005-04-13the windy sea
Poetry 2005-04-12ugly aphrodisiac
Poetry 2005-04-05medicate humility
Poetry 2005-03-29feeling what the eyes see
Poetry 2005-03-29in the name of insanity
Poetry 2005-03-29life as i see it (part two)
Poetry 2005-03-01home made immortality
Poetry 2005-02-06as a poet
Poetry 2005-02-02the world is a gang bang
Poetry 2005-01-23WHEN IM ANGRY
Poetry 2005-01-13red china rain
Poetry 2004-12-06blushing bride- (madam mao)
Poetry 2004-12-05claire
Poetry 2004-11-23cruel heat
Poetry 2004-11-22catharsis
Poetry 2004-11-12the nun's birthday
Poetry 2004-06-11twin charcoal orbs
Poetry 2004-06-11poetry that rhymes (bear with me..)
Poetry 2004-05-17drunken prayers
Poetry 2004-05-07tales of the heart
Poetry 2004-04-26take a bite at my sanity
Poetry 2004-04-26tiananmen square [june 89']
Poetry 2004-03-07imperfect in her perfection
Poetry 2004-01-14lost girl
Poetry 2003-12-16the conquerers
Poetry 2003-12-11red letters say: WHORE
Poetry 2003-12-11in exchange
Poetry 2003-12-10we, the artists
Poetry 2003-12-08my above
Poetry 2003-12-06break the mirror
Poetry 2003-12-04pink nail polish
Poetry 2003-12-04i reek of inferiority
Poetry 2003-12-02feel the need
Poetry 2003-12-02dont touch me
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