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Poetry. It is what I have been addicted to these past few monthes. Monthes few past. Addicted been I. Not much has been placed up here. I feel ashamed. There are some who have been here just as long as I, some even a shoter time, who have posted up poems upon poems. But what i got is what i got. Got what I is. Period. I am still learning a great amount of things, as we all always are. There are times when I feel so old, when I feel I have experienced so much. But then, I blink. And all that awaits me becomes visible. And I realize that compared to all, I have been through nothing. But what I have been through, you will see reflected in my poetry. Sometimes it will be screamed out, and sometimes it will be hidden. For now this all I have to say. So read if you like, or stare at the screen. Either way good luck and enjoy.

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Poetry 0000-00-00Inspiration
Poetry 0000-00-00Stupid Girl
Poetry 0000-00-00A sip of Vodka
Poetry 0000-00-00Golden Honey
Poetry 0000-00-00Obsession
Poetry 0000-00-00I am scorpion
Poetry 0000-00-00Merry-Go-Round
Poetry 0000-00-00Another patient
Poetry 0000-00-00Lying within ...
Poetry 0000-00-00This Body
Graphic Art 0000-00-00Two Different Worlds
Graphic Art 0000-00-00whispering virus
Graphic Art 0000-00-00Fragile Destruction
Poetry 0000-00-00Unwanted, Unheard Of
Poetry 0000-00-00This worthless being
Poetry 0000-00-00The Middle
Poetry 0000-00-00My prayer
Poetry 0000-00-00Silent Children
Rant 0000-00-00Sat-is-fac-tion
Poetry 0000-00-00Displayed Emotion
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