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Life is what it is, isn't it?

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Poetry 2004-11-15she dreams
Poetry 2004-11-08Give Me This Treachery
Poetry 2004-11-05Understanding
Graphic Art 2004-11-05my huntress (WIP)
Poetry 2004-08-11Until We Meet Again
Poetry 2004-06-15love me this way
Poetry 2004-04-28I Am the Unashamed Confession
Poetry 2004-04-26anamnesis
Graphic Art 2004-04-22for my kitty
Poetry 2004-04-20Eclipsed
Graphic Art 2004-03-14Dark Girl
Graphic Art 2004-03-05an angel
Poetry 2004-02-17A Year's Worth (DarkPoetry)
Poetry 2004-02-11Not Even In My Dreams
Poetry 2003-12-25happy holidays (not a poem)
Poetry 2003-12-17Nothing Left
Poetry 2003-12-12The Way Of GoodBye
Poetry 2003-12-01Crush
Poetry 2003-11-29Lethe
Poetry 2003-11-21A Poet's Heart
Poetry 2003-11-17How well do YOU know your cre??
Poetry 2003-11-04hurry January
Poetry 2003-10-30my place
Poetry 2003-10-14Admittedly a Cutter
Poetry 2003-10-12blood runs down my face
Poetry 2003-10-11Come Out Tonight
Poetry 2003-10-08anarchy?
Poetry 2003-10-06There Is (No Meaning)
Poetry 2003-10-04Remembrance Goodbye
Poetry 2003-09-25Sleep Through It All
Poetry 2003-09-20I Remembered Your Birthday
Poetry 2003-09-18there are no flowers
Poetry 2003-09-08Palace Of Natural Beauty
Poetry 2003-09-07Will I Ever
Poetry 2003-09-05Whisper Goodbye
Poetry 2003-09-02tonight I finish Hate
Poetry 2003-08-30convenient
Poetry 2003-08-28watch the clock
Poetry 2003-08-21When I Lost
Poetry 2003-08-20Things Change
Poetry 2003-08-17Hey Baby (Don't ask - I'm pissed)
Poetry 2003-08-15Let Me Go
Poetry 2003-08-14Nothing Left For Me
Poetry 2003-08-12You In My Sights
Poetry 2003-08-05No Tears For Recompense
Poetry 2003-08-03Imprisoned
Poetry 2003-08-02Another Letter, Another Night
Poetry 2003-07-31Tonight I Started Hate
Poetry 2003-07-29Diving - Repost
Poetry 2003-07-29This Night Before Uncertainty
Poetry 2003-07-25On the Tips Of a Driven Wind
Poetry 2003-07-23These the Lonely Times
Poetry 2003-07-21The Shadow Of His Ruin
Poetry 2003-07-19To Dust We Settle
Poetry 2003-07-09It Should Have Been Better
Poetry 2003-07-06This Cliff (or final days)
Poetry 2003-07-02Breathe Me Whole
Poetry 2003-06-27another little girl
Poetry 2003-06-24Always, To Me
Poetry 2003-06-20WhiteWash
Poetry 2003-06-19A Sad and Dying Sea
Poetry 2003-06-18Plastic Ballerina
Poetry 2003-06-16Wanderer GoodBye
Poetry 2003-06-15Father's Day
Poetry 2003-06-12I Will Let You Go
Poetry 2003-06-07A Crying Rain
Poetry 2003-06-06Grant Me Not
Poetry 2003-06-03Slipping Time
Poetry 2003-05-29The Lake She Lies In
Poetry 2003-05-25There Is Only
Poetry 2003-05-2305-23-2003
Poetry 2003-05-21I May Never Forget
Poetry 2003-05-20What Death Of Soul
Poetry 2003-05-15she won't tell
Poetry 2003-05-12for we
Poetry 2003-05-02any other night
Poetry 2003-04-30mood: alone
Poetry 2003-04-27The Old Oak Tree
Poetry 2003-04-24Phantasm
Poetry 2003-04-22Fourteen Lost
Poetry 2003-04-14Almost Forever
Poetry 2003-04-12Pieces
Poetry 2003-04-09Every Sky In My Mind
Poetry 2003-04-09I Can't Find Anything Beautiful
Poetry 2003-04-08Casualties
Poetry 2003-04-06I Hated, I Learned, I Leaned On, I Loved
Poetry 2003-04-05I Don't Know Who's Right
Poetry 2003-04-04Night So Dark
Poetry 2003-04-03My Little Fishbowl
Poetry 2003-04-02Funeral: The Quiet Of Real
Poetry 2003-03-31Sadistic Statistic
Poetry 2003-03-30Star Bright (dead girl)
Poetry 2003-03-28The Stones (Part I)
Poetry 2003-03-27Is This Life
Poetry 2003-03-26Blackened Sky
Poetry 2003-03-25Who Will I Be
Poetry 2003-03-24If I Were
Poetry 2003-03-23The First Beautiful
Poetry 2003-03-22The Old House: The Beginning
Poetry 2003-03-20Memories
Poetry 2003-03-19Packaged Soup
Poetry 2003-03-19Dreamer
Poetry 2003-03-17Seasons Of Guilt
Poetry 2003-03-16Angels Three
Poetry 2003-03-14Ode To Goldy
Poetry 2003-03-14Chaos
Poetry 2003-03-13nobody knows
Poetry 2003-03-10Blue
Poetry 2003-03-08In This Moment
Poetry 2003-03-07Deadly Night
Poetry 2003-03-05Dissipate: to squander.
Poetry 2003-03-04Reality
Poetry 2003-02-28The Sun That Morning
Poetry 2003-02-18Darkest Places
Poetry 2003-02-16blue moon nights
Poetry 2003-02-16penitence
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