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I found dp at 15, joined at 16 and wrote poetry every day. But time and age forced change and I can not remember the last time I wrote a poem.

I am hoping to change that. ~DeathsWhisper

CharlottesWeb's Works

Journal 2020-07-07Untitled
Poetry (Rage)2016-02-02Be Ready
Journal (Personal)2011-10-23Another Time
Graphic Art 2011-08-18Wind Affect
Poetry (Reflective)2005-08-17Natures Neautrality
Poetry 2009-04-18 Jacket
Poetry 2008-01-11Remember ME
Poetry 2007-01-17Abrupt Finales Leave Unfinished
Rant (Ironic)2006-12-07DarkPoetry Changes
Poetry 2006-12-05Shadows for Company
Poetry 2006-04-03Can You Feel This?
Poetry 2006-03-25Abandoned Bones
Poetry 2004-03-07"After"
Poetry 2003-11-11Awake Thy Awareness
Poetry 2003-10-29Finding A Parallel Shadow
Poetry 2003-06-18Auroras Power of Poetry
Poetry 2003-06-02Aged Poetry
Poetry (Spiritual)2002-11-27Chant of the Empty, to the SKY
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