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Almost the entirety of my writing influence came directly from listening to the band Bad Religion growing up & following lead singer Greg Graffin. Never has the world seen such perfection, intelligence & beauty in writing.

Life's a pretty fuckin' wild ride. In my world; things get crazy, pretty fast, Zero-to-Psychosis in at least hahaHaHAhAhAAHAHAHAHHHH!!! If you'd like to see exactly how far down the rabbit hole goes, then ya' might wanna' strap in. There are demons at every turn, few will tear you assunder & have no remorse about it, some are actually pleasant, but all of them... my family. You're safe if you're with me however. It's not that there's an allure to things in my world; things are drawn to me. I'm the scariest of their kind & cast the biggest shadow down on their lands. My Wonderland's cracked, shattered & worn; I know no other feeling than this... It's mind-blowing; I feel sorry for people who don't see like this, they'll never see these horizons, as my skeletal sun buries & burrows into the sky. Everyday is absolutely the most amazing adventure, you have no idea... and I wished that I didn't.

These tortures are mine... you understand? I don't want you to have these, I'm the one who gets to enjoy these delicious spattered morsels. I'm selfish & you probably haven't grown a taste for blood yet... or even more, entire multiverses... a delicacy of world-savoring proportions. The cries of the many & the cries from with-in, they feed you, ya' know? I can sustain on self-delivery, this self-medication... every time this fix can feed my armies, I plan to plot so I can plunder my mind.. we'll attack from yesterday.

I tried to tell 'em, I tried warnin' 'em... I entered this place 10-18-2011. I won't leave until it does or I do...

So I pretty much have an insatiable, thirst for adrenaline & action. I fucking thrive on chaos, wait... maybe not anymore; now I merely... subsist & I can't help it... because of that, I've often hurt my own heart, screwed up things in my life & many other wonderful outcomes... I'm beginning to realize that we're not products of how we wish to live our lives; but rather the life is the product of how we live. I won't give you the shirt off my back, but if we can both fit up in this bitch; let's go.

But I do have balance... do not be fooled, I am Zen.
My mind...
My balance...
my body...
mY un-sanity...

Why do so many, feel questions inside... uncertainty... it's simple, really. The morals they stamp & poster around, they are NOT to be taken serious. We are not the cattle we eat.. but we really are & we won't be able to stop them when it starts... but I'll still be here to try & help you through the process of hurting me, I'm used to it & love it. I don't know why & I can't explain it, so I live with it... I live it... I breathe it in... I surrender... I amplify... I metamorphisize... I influence... I grow... I feed it the bodies from the victims in my everyday. The times now gone by that I don't need, the faces I don't want as soon as I turn away... they won't be missed. Clean up the streets of useless trash on Brain Blvd. and force slave-labored construction crews to build highways of rainbows remorse.

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