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I was the type of child that flung open the closet door and dared any monster living there to get out of my space! I also had to get burned before I believed that the stove was really hot! I still do! And therein lies my strength! I have no shame! and more nerve than a one-legged wire walker!

Antigeist's Works

Poetry (Rage)2011-09-07Anger Inside
Poetry (Rage)2011-09-07I Am Nothing
Poetry (Rage)2011-09-072005
Poetry (Rage)2011-09-07To Fucked Up To Obey
Lyrics (Abuse)2011-09-07Eternally A Slave
Poetry (Abuse)2011-09-07Dead Cunt
Poetry (Depressed)2011-09-07Life Is A Game
Poetry (Depressed)2011-09-07Decay
Poetry (Philosophical)2011-09-07Born To Die
Poetry (Depressed)2011-09-15My Mind Is A Prison
Poetry (Depressed)2011-10-17Dead
Poetry (Depressed)2011-10-24Mental DVD
Poetry (Rage)2011-11-17Rotten Crotch
Poetry (Philosophical)2011-11-17Theres Something On The TV
Poetry (Rage)2011-11-21Sweat And Regret
Poetry (Philosophical)2011-12-22Ghost
Poetry (Philosophical)2011-11-30Zombies
Poetry (Rage)2011-11-30Get Out Of My Head
Poetry (Philosophical)2012-01-09The Clock
Lyrics (Philosophical)2013-02-26Midwest Manipulation
Poetry (Philosophical)2013-05-18FAKE A SCENE.
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