Riven Waker

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The Riven Waker awakes in the gloaming dark of death
I'm become the gleaming Morningstar of your breath
Anointed by the light infernal
Thy deathless sun
Shall roam night eternal
Holy Hells' chosen son
The one evil one
Thine undeathly sun shall
Roamyth night eternal
Reigning o'er all
Timeless nocturnal
Gorgonite attuned to wolverine perfection
Relentless tyrannical illusion inceptor
King Cobras spring from reflection
Livid Maker now Riven Waker
I hold no title yet
Obey or suffer untold - evermore
Heed Overmurder Command fold
Envenomation by insinuative

A glimpse feint askew away through the thrice nine
mirror and quinine laced vials
Till re-alighted unto mine progeny a revenant immemorial
I, the Lich King, thou noble blood wine to immolate
Charnel altar become inviolate the living burial
Eons anon spawned in seas of sorrow surreal
Ever so ancient glib flicker of wight vine<
A trolling senescence
Razes the sun
Neath abyss floor
The twelfth nepenthe hence
The Waker’s Dozen eternities spent

Riven Waker's Works

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