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death is the only peace and true happiness comes only with death

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Poetry (Abuse)2013-06-04to the grave i go...
Poetry (Abuse)2013-05-12mentally unstable
Poetry 2013-03-25death of the broken
Poetry (Depressed)2013-03-07im a broken man
Poetry (Abuse)2012-11-29modern day bloodletting
Poetry (Abuse)2012-11-25that child with the eyes fully black
Poetry 2012-05-21the battle of heaven and hell
Poetry (Love)2012-05-20i am evil
Poetry (Depressed)2012-04-22a dark poet is what i am
Lyrics (Personal)2012-04-17broken is a fool
Poetry (Rage)2012-04-16my anger...
Poetry (Depressed)2012-03-08never
Poetry (Love)2012-01-16.....i love you my vampy
Poetry (Love)2011-12-30...this ....thing you call love
Poetry (Love)2011-11-06...
Poetry (Love)2011-10-20i hate this feeling
Graphic Art (Horror)2011-10-19hollow
Poetry 2011-10-12letter from a killer
Poetry 2011-10-11the broken
Poetry (Depressed)2011-10-08i'll just die alone
Poetry 2011-10-07warrior chant
Poetry (Personal)2011-10-01inhumanity
Poetry (Political)2011-08-23corruption feat devilish
Poetry (Depressed)2011-07-27my own writer's block
Poetry (Personal)2011-07-04the void
Lyrics (Depressed)2011-06-10the corner
Poetry (Depressed)2011-05-23lost ones
Poetry (Love)2011-05-15dying tree
Poetry (Depressed)2011-05-12the ceiling
Poetry (Depressed)2011-05-11if only
Poetry (Depressed)2011-05-09blood
Poetry (Depressed)2011-05-08angel wings
Lyrics (Love)2011-05-08dead end
Poetry 2011-05-08monster
Poetry (Depressed)2011-05-08who am i really?
Poetry (Depressed)2011-02-17failing the test of life
Poetry (Depressed)2011-02-15unwelcomed
Poetry (Rage)2011-02-15purest evil 2
Poetry (Depressed)2011-02-15how should i die
Poetry (Depressed)2011-02-13boil inside
Poetry (Depressed)2011-02-12can you find me?
Poetry (Depressed)2011-02-12self
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