warrior chant

By the broken

it is here that I stand
with a blood covered sword in my hand
fighting for my lord's blessid land
and i shall never stop
untill my enemy's blood is upon the sand

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Copyright 2011 joshua lee mccourt
Published on Friday, October 7, 2011.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on "warrior chant"

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  • A former member wrote: Hellz yea, that was metal as fuck!! \m/

  • Devilish On Sunday, December 25, 2011, Devilish (2782)By person wrote:

    Had to make sure I didn't miss this one!! Lol.. I am goin to go through every one...=)~~ Scholar

  • A former member wrote: If blood must be shed then blood will be shed in plenty Scholar

  • dwells On Saturday, October 8, 2011, dwells (4557)By person wrote:

    Can't we all just get along! (Rodney King) - nice one, thanks.

  • HeadpatSlut On Friday, October 7, 2011, HeadpatSlut (264)By person wrote:

    Short and sweet, and no less than brutal, I love it, sounds like MAnowar would sing it live. Scholar

  • Devilish On Friday, October 7, 2011, Devilish (2782)By person wrote:

    Beautiful.... You never cease 2 amaze me.... Scholar

  • Alchemist On Friday, October 7, 2011, Alchemist (705)By person wrote:

    Sounds like Jamie Jasta lyrics

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