Comments by Alchemist

  • "As always your poetry inspires me. I have been writing some form poetry lately and this will drive me to write even better. This was lovely, Cheers"
    Posted by Alchemist on "For Mom (villanelle)" by dwells
  • "Being I work outside and it being summer in the south I can relate oh too well to the oppressor that is the sun and wanting it to die, lol."
    Posted by Alchemist on "Fire Folk." by TheProphetUntold
  • "Loved the analysis. I have always enjoyed the challenge of describing color or other perceptions of our senses. Sound and touch/feel are a little easier but taste and color are much harder because the very words we use to describe these things are what we are describing. Like how do you describe salty or sweet with out using those words or the food itself. I wrote a poem called Tribute to Red if you want to check it out sometime."
    Posted by Alchemist on "if you ask me, Mother Goose was just another scapegoat" by Devil lyn
  • "I do not look forward to the death of Aquarius being a Valentine's baby myself but when I do I hope I've done more with my life than spin my wheels and grind my gears. Cheers"
    Posted by Alchemist on "Death of Aquarius" by dwells
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