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  • "I must keep on, my battle isn't just for me, I'm fighting for my loved ones that aren't here to fight. My grandmother, my grandfather, my friends, my teacher. My giving up means I give up their fights. I don't have the right to surrender for them, so fighting on is all I can do. If any other friends give up I'll fight for them too. That's the only thing I can do to prove to myself I'm not worthless."
    Posted by HeadpatSlut on "Overcome" by HeadpatSlut
  • "This reminds me of some of my older stuff just a bit, but more on the depression side than the morbid, read right it invokes old school Linkin Park, I like how you keep it short, whereas it has a certain potential to be longer, it's best kept to a minimal for the best effect :)"
    Posted by HeadpatSlut on "-_Battle Scars_-" by Lost_Hope
  • "This piece delivers a nice contrast, bleak, but the shortness of the lines ensures a quick pace, letting each line hit all the harder before leaving me pleasantly empty at the end, good work :)"
    Posted by HeadpatSlut on "Death of the Dirge" by Crush_With_Eyeliner
  • "I like how it's long as it is, it took me the first couple cycles to get into the rhythm, while I think a couple of lines could have been better, what you have here is damn good, you're definitely able to invoke the mournful tone here, soft but heavy in atmosphere, good work :)"
    Posted by HeadpatSlut on "The Last of My Wretched Heart" by SickSanityJenn
  • "Only one or two typos, but it was enjoyable nonetheless, sort of reminds me of a great 80s glam metal love song, and I'm all to familiar with the feeling of that intoxicating love that turns your blood to smoke in your veins, good write my friend, thanks for sharing :)"
    Posted by HeadpatSlut on "fallin" by lord of dusk
  • "Goddamn Henry, amazing. Congratulations on winning the contest, you definitely deserve it with this, I was glued to each line, and I could almost hear those voices myself as I jumped off from the last words, I need to find something to cuddle to ease away the chills that are running up and down my spine, thanks for posting, :)"
    Posted by HeadpatSlut on "Down Stairs" by HENROXXX
  • "If a basic scheme is all you can do, than take it and go with it, just try subtle changes, try internal rhyme, heavy metaphor, vivid imagery. That's how I did it, it may work for you too. Either way, with this it's not even that bad, kind of reminded me of the band, thanks for posting."
    Posted by HeadpatSlut on "Chemical Romance" by LyricLaceration
  • "I feel bad saying how much I enjoyed this, which is exactly how I judge a piece as being truly amazing, it made me feel as though the words themselves were Blackness, instead of white in a black background. How you used a single work, a color to draw out a terrifying descend into tragedy, well done. Only a broken betrayed child can know that sort of misery, and only when they grow up do they realize it. Thanks for posting."
    Posted by HeadpatSlut on "Black" by TornPieces
  • "Our mistakes are never worth it in the long run, but beating yourself up only hurts. A far as my personal experience with treason goes, I used to be unable to forgive it, but part of growing stronger is learning to align yourself, heart and soul, with Love. It's still hard for me, but rising above pettiness and distrust is all a part of it. It sounds like you learned with your mistake, the pain it causes YOU to cause pain for others. That's half the battle, the other half is living in a way that reflects your desire to repent. Maybe it's none of my business giving advice like that. But it takes a lot of courage to post something personal like this. Even above loyalty, I value Courage and bravery. Thanks for posting."
    Posted by HeadpatSlut on "My Betrayal" by xXxmoonbabyxXx
  • "I had to load Google Translate to understand this at all. Not Proud of it, but it's a fact. Anyway, it's really beautiful, welcome to DP, with this as a headline, I can't wait to see what's next, I love how this piece flows without a single skip, one entrancing line after the other, with perfect clarity, and the feeling of accepting not knowing what's next, but staying steadfast without hesitation, just like the shadow that follows that Moon through each night sky, Thanks for posting,"
    Posted by HeadpatSlut on "Shadow and the Moon" by SkittlesYaKnow
  • "I won't even try to guess at the esoteric side of this, but I'm in love with the imagery, I think of a council of blackened gods summoning up flames and ice to smite a world of insanity; the lines seemed to creep, rising with each stanza before culminating with the final. Thanks for posting, Deviated."
    Posted by HeadpatSlut on "The Spirits Inside" by Deviated09
  • "This is actually exactly what I've been feeling lately, maybe I'll follow your lead and write about not writing? not sure, either way if I do I'll have a hard piece to follow, you really nail down the mental clusterfuck here, great work vincent, thanks for posting."
    Posted by HeadpatSlut on "Silence in the Library" by Melancholic VIncent
  • "Overall it's not bad, but I think you overuse the word "death" here, repeating the words "Dead" and "Dying" over and again, they loose their meaning, which is a shame because other than that, this a really great poem that I enjoyed reading, it really echoes the No Man's Land of trenches that made up the first world war, almost reminding me of "Death of a Ball Turret Gunner" is terms of reality and theme, thanks for posting."
    Posted by HeadpatSlut on "Fear" by DeafSoldier
  • "This is so smooth it could be a fine vodka, Henrox, each line felt like a heavy fast shot straight to the brain, can't wait to hear this over your bets, man, thanks for posting and great write."
    Posted by HeadpatSlut on "Why can't I die?" by HENROXXX
  • "I'm not the biggest fan of pantoum myself, so this read was a little sketchy for me, it's by no means bad though, but I think the lines that repeat in the first few stanzas could be replaced with other lines from the same quatrains; that's just me though, I really like the imagery here though, it's distinct while still leaving room for the mind's eye to pain the scene, good work, Jack,"
    Posted by HeadpatSlut on "Appetite (Pantoum)" by GhettoZombie
  • "Intergalactic is spelled wrong I noticed, but other than that flawless, another great twisted ride through some lyrical hell, like a mystical concrete jungle cruise, the last twenty lines especially were nothing short of gripping, great work Rebel."
    Posted by HeadpatSlut on "From Tha Abstrakt..." by Full-Metal Rebel
  • "I can't wait to hear this one recorded, even better than Perfekt storm, I love the intense rhythm of this piece Rebel, thanks for posting."
    Posted by HeadpatSlut on "Renegade" by Full-Metal Rebel
  • "This was pretty intense, I found the imagery at the beginning to be a little crude, like trying the shock rather than frighten, but it gets a lot better and shines towards the end, you threw down a pretty dark write here no doubt, with the talent you show here, I hope you stick around, thanks for sharing,"
    Posted by HeadpatSlut on "Fire and Sulfur" by scarlet
  • "Before new flowers can spring, the blackened weeds must but reaped out of the depleted soil, just like to fully appreciate what we have on this earth, we need to watch it all burn, the flow here was perfection, and I've come to expect nothing less of you Malcholm, Thanks for another amazing write, man."
    Posted by HeadpatSlut on "Harbinger Of Death" by Malcholm Dark
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