Still alive and kicking, to the surprise of no one more than myself

HeadpatSlut's Works

Poetry (Personal)0000-00-00Iron Rising
Poetry (Horror)0000-00-00Knee Deep
Poetry (Horror)2015-09-08No Requiem
Poetry 0000-00-00Overcome
Poetry (Depressed)2010-03-12Let Me Bleed
Poetry (Philosophical)2010-03-12Free Will
Poetry (Spiritual)2010-03-12Odin
Poetry (Structured)2010-03-13The Unnamed
Poetry (Horror)2010-03-13The Ruin of Broken Dreams
Poetry (Structured)2010-03-14The Blood Sport Called Viking
Poetry (Philosophical)2010-03-14On Philosophy
Poetry (Depressed)2010-03-16They Have Departed
Poetry (Horror)2010-03-21The Two Young Lovers
Poetry (Tribute)2010-04-03Eternal Glory
Poetry (Rage)2010-03-17Sheild-Wall
Poetry 2010-03-22A Feild After Battle
Poetry (Reflective)2010-03-31Breaking Waves
Poetry (Horror)2010-04-10The Cemetery at Midnight(Where Hallowed Ground Has Fallen Ill)
Poetry (Fantasy)2010-04-20Elven Minstrel
Poetry (Tribute)2010-04-22Relentless Metal
Poetry (Structured)2010-04-24Our Anthem
Poetry (Structured)2010-04-25The Reaper
Poetry (Spiritual)2010-04-25A Song For Thor
Poetry (Depressed)2010-04-25Mercyful Death
Poetry (Philosophical)2010-04-26Quiet In Death
Poetry (Structured)2010-04-27Warriors Previel
Poetry (Fantasy)2010-04-27Fyrdraca
Poetry (Philosophical)2010-04-27Carpe Diem
Poetry (Tribute)2010-04-28Dark Carnival
Poetry (Depressed)2010-04-28Masochism
Poetry (Structured)2010-05-02Our Final Hour
Poetry (Depressed)2010-05-02This Dying Earth
Poetry (Structured)2010-05-03Loving Nightmare
Poetry (Structured)2010-05-03Ellen Jospehine
Poetry (Tribute)2010-05-04Carpe Noctum, An Ode To Darkness
Poetry (Depressed)2010-05-05Schizophrenia
Short Story (Fantasy)2010-05-06Blood Of The Kings Part 3, Armored Bearskin
Short Story (Fantasy)2010-05-07Blood Of The Kings Part 4, Distraction
Short Story (Fantasy)2010-05-11Blood of The Kings Part 6, Down To The Wire
Short Story (Fantasy)2010-05-11Blood Of The Kings Part 7, Remorse For The Dead (Final Chapter)
Short Story (Perverse)2010-05-13Children Of Bathory
Short Story (Perverse)2010-05-13Children Of Bathory Part 2, Sickness
Short Story (Perverse)2010-05-13Children Of Bathory Part 3, Nameless Grave (Final Chapter)
Poetry (Tribute)2010-05-14Angels Of Retribution, An Ode To Judas Priest
Poetry (Tribute)2010-05-17Holy Diver, A Tribute To Ronnie James Dio
Poetry (Love)2010-05-20An Oath To My Beloved
Poetry (Fantasy)2010-07-06Ragnarok
Poetry (Fantasy)2010-07-06Final Chaos
Poetry (Philosophical)2010-07-06Laws Of Gods
Poetry (Horror)2010-07-07Eternal Damnation
Poetry (Horror)2010-07-07Sinners All
Poetry (Depressed)2010-07-08Black Rose
Poetry (Structured)2010-07-09Day To Night
Poetry (Structured)2010-07-10Midnight's Dominion
Poetry (Depressed)2010-07-10Bleeding Out
Poetry (Structured)2010-07-10Forgotten Sorrow
Poetry (Love)2010-07-10We Carry On
Poetry (Structured)2010-07-11The Blackened Soul
Poetry (Depressed)2010-07-11Midnight's Agent Of Silence
Poetry (Structured)2010-07-12My Final Breath
Poetry (Depressed)2010-07-12Golgotha
Poetry (Reflective)2010-07-12Nature
Poetry (Reflective)2010-07-14Interlude
Poetry (Structured)2010-07-14A Blizzard's Wrath
Poetry (Reflective)2010-07-14Demonic
Poetry (Depressed)2010-07-14Human Condition
Lyrics (Horror)2010-07-15Necronomicon
Lyrics (Horror)2010-07-15The Dead Await
Poetry (Fantasy)2010-07-18Awakening Eternity
Lyrics (Rage)2010-07-18Breaking Point
Lyrics (Rage)2010-07-19Jeg Skal Erobre Kristus
Lyrics (Rage)2010-07-19Rise Up
Lyrics (Rage)2010-07-18The Casualties Thereof
Lyrics (Horror)2010-07-21Reign OF Chaos
Lyrics (Rage)2010-07-21Dead Horizon
Lyrics (Rage)2010-07-21Heretic Nation
Lyrics (Rage)2010-07-24The Wrath Of Pagan Vengeance
Lyrics (Rage)2010-07-25Chains Of Christ
Poetry (Horror)2010-07-26True Pain
Lyrics (Horror)2010-07-26War
Lyrics (Rage)2010-07-27ThoughtCrime
Lyrics (Rage)2010-07-27A Bullet To The Back Of The Head
Lyrics (Rage)2010-07-28STRIKE BACK
Lyrics (Horror)2010-07-28The Devil's Passage.
Lyrics (Depressed)2010-07-28Downpour
Lyrics (Depressed)2010-07-29BURNING SOUL
Lyrics 2010-07-29SIN & SACRAMENT
Lyrics (Horror)2010-07-29Devil Knight
Lyrics (Rage)2010-07-30RISE AGAIN
Lyrics (Depressed)2010-07-31Lenore
Poetry (Depressed)2010-08-01To The Gallows
Lyrics (Rage)2010-08-01END ALL
Lyrics (Rage)2010-08-02SEAL OF DESTRUCTION
Lyrics (Political)2010-08-02Third World Country
Lyrics (Horror)2010-08-02Eternal Night
Lyrics (Rage)2010-08-03THE AGE OF RUIN
Lyrics (Rage)2010-08-03Psychopath
Lyrics (Horror)2010-08-04FORSAKEN
Lyrics (Rage)2010-08-04Debris
Poetry (Reflective)2010-08-05Coming Of Age
Lyrics (Rage)2010-09-02DECAY
Poetry (Fantasy)2010-09-02Corpse-Hall
Poetry (Horror)2010-09-05Corpse-Ripper
Poetry (Tribute)2010-09-07Tribute
Lyrics (Fantasy)2010-09-14Quest For Asgaard
Short Story (Fantasy)2010-09-16A World Of Dreams
Short Story (Fantasy)2010-09-18World Of Dreams Part Two, Chaos
Short Story (Fantasy)2010-09-20Wolrd of Dreams, Part 3, Fog of War
Short Story (Fantasy)2010-09-26World OF Dreams Part 4, Crossroads
Poetry (Tribute)2010-09-24Desccent into Shadows, A Tribute to METALLICA
Lyrics (Rage)2010-09-28SPEED METAL
Poetry (Spiritual)2010-09-28Come To The Sabbath, Samhain
Poetry 2010-10-19Vagabond
Poetry (Fantasy)2010-10-19For Tomorrow, We Die
Poetry (Horror)2010-10-27Fear Of The Dark
Poetry (Horror)2010-10-31All Hallow's Eve
Graphic Art 2010-11-02Gothic Cemetery
Poetry (Spiritual)2010-12-22Yuletide Cheer
Poetry (Horror)2010-12-22Mist
Lyrics (Horror)2010-12-22RELEASE THE DEMON
Short Story (Fantasy)2010-12-22World Of Dreams part 5, Escape
Lyrics 2011-02-27Blast Beats
Poetry (Horror)2011-02-28Under Blackened Skies
Poetry (Spiritual)2011-02-28Facts of Natural Magik
Lyrics (Tribute)2011-03-04Super Magnetic Beatdown
Poetry (Rage)2011-03-15Chaos Rising
Graphic Art 2011-03-17Long Arm Of The Coast
Poetry (Spiritual)2011-03-26First Prayer
Poetry (Reflective)2011-06-02Insomnia
Poetry 2011-06-03Inspiration
Poetry (Reflective)2011-06-03The Memories
Poetry (Love)2011-06-04In Love With Love
Poetry (Structured)2011-06-06The Swarthy One
Lyrics (Tribute)2011-08-03Imperial Shores
Lyrics (Rage)2011-08-22Chaotic Return
Poetry (Horror)2011-09-23My Worst Enemy
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2011-10-05Death of a kitchen fly
List (Philosophical)2011-10-28Just some sayings
Poetry (Structured)2011-10-31Warrior's Redemption
Poetry (Reflective)2011-11-22Absolute Oblivion
Poetry (Reflective)2011-11-22The Path Less Traveled, Revised
Poetry (Horror)2011-11-27Winter Walker
Poetry (Reflective)2011-12-06Shadow of the Rising Sun
Poetry (Fantasy)2011-12-08Slepnir, the Immortal War Horse
Poetry 2013-02-22A Hymn of Hope
Poetry (Horror)2013-02-24Blackened Angel
Poetry (Personal)2013-02-26Chainsmoke
Poetry (Horror)2013-02-28Ironwood
Poetry (Personal)2013-03-02Iron Heart
Poetry (Horror)2013-03-04Blackened
Poetry (Philosophical)2013-03-04The World Before Us
Poetry (Structured)2013-03-06Balder's Wake
Poetry (Fantasy)2013-03-06Wintermoon
Poetry (Fantasy)2013-03-10Alechemyst
Poetry (Fantasy)2013-03-10Pheonix Reign
Poetry (Structured)2013-03-12Mr. Renegade
Poetry (Beat)2013-03-12Beach Beats
Poetry (Political)2013-03-15Rage and Rhyme
Poetry (Beat)2013-03-13Mr. Wicked
Poetry (Beat)2013-03-13Lion Rhymes
Poetry (Beat)2013-03-15Nu Era Rising
Poetry (Tribute)2013-03-19Devil's Blade
Poetry (Personal)2013-03-18The Coast
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