The Cemetery at Midnight(Where Hallowed Ground Has Fallen Ill)

By HeadpatSlut

The Cemetery at Midnight





As the Sun forsakes the Earth-

And as the Night is given birth-


A stormy gale's wind and rain-

Shall make our world seem insane.


Upon a plot, upon a hill-

The Hallowed Ground has fallen ill-


Where once a blessed building stood-

Naught remains, save old frame wood.


The withered trees of pine and birch-

Stand tall behind a rotting church-


The wood is rotten and decayed-

The altar's silver trim is grayed.


Before the trees, behind the chapel-

There is a single tree of apple-


But it no longer bares that fruit-

For it is dead without its root.


That single tree is to behold-

The mystic wonders of the cold-


The freezing rain and sleet and shade-

Undoing all that time has made.


There is a pass way in the trees-

Where anyone can walk with ease-


It leads into a clearing there-

That cemetery gates do stare.


A place where loved ones cried their tears-

Although the place is young in years-


The Sands of Time have seen it whither-

Where spiders crawl and serpents slither.


Within the cemetery ground-

The keenest sense would hear no sound-


The Hallowed ground with hollow spaces-

Where rotted corpses have no faces.


Cast in marble and in stone-

A single angel stands alone-


Though time has seem him fall from grace-

And wear has taken off his face.


Archaic headstones all about-

Though all with names they are without-


When alive, they were abased-

In Death their memories erased.


And as the clouds of storm and gale-

Strike down the grass with rain and hail-


Two lovers young, and joyous prance-

Into this place where shadows dance.


Two people who are young and lush-

The weather's chaos gives them rush-


And even in this dire weather-

Rain shall not pierce their coats of leather.


The two young lovers pass the steeple-

Pulled by desires known by people-


The passion held in youth controls-

All emotion in their souls.


Pronouncing words of love they wonder-

Through lighting great and booming thunder-


With mighty chaos in the skies-

They are lost within each others eyes.


The two young lovers see the pass-

This strapping lad and charming lass-


The two of them no longer fearing-

Hear voices calling from the clearing.


The voices emanating loud-

The souls all chanting form a crowd-


As the two young lovers go-

To that of which they do not know.


Through the open pass they wander-

While each others thoughts they ponder-


Intoxicated by their passion-

Thus their love should know no ration.


Out from the clearing hand in hand-

Before the Gothic gate they stand-


The voices calling louder still-

The starving souls that need their fill.


The two young lovers see the gate-

While in the graveyard lying in wait-


Are spirits of those who have died-

With tears of blood shed for them dried.


The rain lets up, the ground is wet-

And in each others arms they're set-


The two young lovers make a wish-

In freezing air so devilish.


For them the gate does open wide-

So they do enter, by side-


And in this dark and lonely night-

They show their love and passion right.


Archaic headstones all around-

With thunder's mighty, booming sound-


The two young lovers making love-

The shadows staring up above.


They feel upon them watchful eyes-

And hear each others joyous cries-


Within the graveyard fornicating-

For them the ravenous souls are waiting.


Upon the ground they lie together-

The chill of unforgiving weather-


In each others arms they lie-

As freezing rain falls from the sky.


The two young lover's passion sings-

So that they cannot see the things-


The hands up reaching from the ground-

To take their lives without a sound.


The moon is wane, and slowly falling-

The spirits are no longer calling-


The two young lovers lie there still-

Where Hallowed Ground has fallen ill.

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Copyright 2010 DK6_Marius
Published on Saturday, April 10, 2010.     Filed under: "Horror" and "Poetry"
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Comments on "The Cemetery at Midnight(Where Hallowed Ground Has Fallen Ill)"

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  • sTr8-jAcKeT On Tuesday, December 4, 2018, sTr8-jAcKeT (741)By person wrote:

    Dauntingly beautiful.

  • A former member wrote: Such a beautiful rush, so much going on, and wonderful wording. Brilliant write. I could literally feel the coldness and the intensity as I was reading.

  • Adam On Monday, May 17, 2010, Adam (245)By person wrote:

    This poem Has won Second Place in The "Any Style Contest" Your money should be in your DPmail now in the form of a DC sponsership. Again Congrats and good job. Scholar

  • Adam On Sunday, May 16, 2010, Adam (245)By person wrote:

    This is truly great poetry. When reading aloud it flowed really well, only stumbling on one small part. -||- It told a story o so well || It is hard not to dwell || For the poem you created || To read I really should not have waited -||- Really good stuff. Scholar

  • Riven Waker On Sunday, April 25, 2010, Riven Waker (323)By person wrote:

    exquisite - the dead rising to claim what is theirs - truly brilliant piece

  • A former member wrote: hmm...i am now scolding myself for not having read any of ur work til now...amazing, thrilling, entrancing, dark....just wow unreal...wonderful

  • Dilated View On Wednesday, April 14, 2010, Dilated View (588)By person wrote:

    This was pretty epic man. Only thing I noticed is the line "The hallowed gourn with hlooow spaes" appeared to need say "The hallowed ground with hollow spaces" Excellent flow and visually intense. Kept me reading at a quick pace. Nice job man.

  • T-Nothing On Sunday, April 11, 2010, T-Nothing (38)By person wrote:

    dude that is totally fuckin killer. the visuals this painted put me right there in the middle of it all, this is probably one of ur best works yet, and yes, just like all the others, im gonna say it, that was one hell of a ride. keep it up ninja. MMFWCL!

  • Malcholm Dark On Saturday, April 10, 2010, Malcholm Dark (810)By person wrote:

    Wow, a great visual ride... A long ride, but well worth it... Thanks for a wonderful piece

  • ubiquitoussoul On Saturday, April 10, 2010, ubiquitoussoul (346)By person wrote:

    "Within the graveyard fornicating" lmao..This was one hell of a ride..Really good content seamless rhyming and flow..kept my eyes moving fast from line to line as the images flickered as in an old time film..such pale and dark scenery..Two lovers where they shouldn't dwell..oh so classic..Well done..Thanks

  • punk mc cool On Saturday, April 10, 2010, punk mc cool (75)By person wrote:

    omg dude this was a really awesome poem..........i loved every single line and couldnt have enough of it.....i wanted it to go on forever but i guess that's not possible.....the flow was perfect and it created a clear image in my frightened me and gave me the chills....there's so much to say but let me end it by saying im giving this poem a 10 :)

  • lupus tenebrae On Saturday, April 10, 2010, lupus tenebrae (870)By person wrote:

    Awesome write, as soon as they approached the graveyard, I knew it wouldn't end well for them. Young lovers, are just fodder for the undead lol, maybe I watch too many zombie flicks :P. Thanks for sharing, a dark tale indeed. Scholar

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