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  • "What an absolutely devastating topic, and how tragic those last two lines. This is the type of write that hits a reader hard and sticks in their gut. Sadly written but nicely done."
    Posted by Dilated View on "Only Heaven Can Wait" by LOKI
  • "This was really beautiful and serene and, though I'm guessing this is a metaphor for loving a person, I can feel this in many other metaphorical ways. Makes for great mind candy :) Very nicely done!"
    Posted by Dilated View on "Vows" by Quietus
  • "This made me think there was some force, some kid with a lighter, standing off to the side, a smile on his face, flicking the lighter over and over, appreciating their influence. So much possible to unpack in this, after several reads my mind keeps going somewhere new and I think it could connect infinite dots and never be able to answer that last line. Awesome man, much enjoyed."
    Posted by Dilated View on "The Burden of Dreams and Disbelief." by TheProphetUntold
  • "Interesting concept with the dual outer then inner landscapes, and the concept of experiencing duality with both. I'm drawn to the moon and stars, but the moon especially. I'm also drawn to the lakes, the rivers and the seas. Both outwardly and internally. Very cool piece, Nicely done :)"
    Posted by Dilated View on "D5// Magic I See" by Shikiryu
  • "Totally worthy of PotD. The visuals throughout were top notch and the content raw and honest. Felt myself being drug line to line like some amphetamine flashback, where I made every promise in the world but follow up on none of them, where the morning after, typically days later, feels like the movie Momento. Very nicely done,"
    Posted by Dilated View on "the red whore" by Jonas
  • "This really reeked of oppression. Has man currently lost their minds? Or is this an ongoing set of goal posts that move as needed? So much pressure in order to get to "freedom". And by some belief systems your "freedom" means heading back to a pool of energy only to be spit out again at some point in order to go through this process again. Cyclical infinity. Maybe man never lost it's mind, maybe it was programmed this way. Either way, again, the oppression feels real. Very interesting read, going from line to line I could physically feel the weight of it all pushing down on me and now I feel deflated. That, for me, is the mark of something excellent. Very cool :)"
    Posted by Dilated View on "Cumulonimbus" by Phalanx
  • "As someone who used to "drink to drink" every night of the week this totally resonates with me. It took me about a decade to get to a point where I simply "forgot to drink" because it wasn't important to me anymore. But I had a real fuzzy decade in my 20s. Write on!"
    Posted by Dilated View on "I drink to drink " by beamish
  • "Absolutely loved this. So beautiful and, though hinting at erotic, the fact that it kept it at just the hint really played well here without taking a twist into something totally different. As a result you end up with some visually brilliant stanzas here. Super interesting content from start to finish, very nicely done :)"
    Posted by Dilated View on "Lovescape" by Litteratus
  • "Wow this started off soft and serene and quickly escalated from there. The flow of this kept me reading along nodding and then I could feel the rage begin to grow. "I scream like a hundred tortured banshees" What a great visual touch. Very cool read!"
    Posted by Dilated View on "A thousand tears" by ellie
  • "The world cries its acid rain when it's had enough, it always finds a way to balance the scales, even if it means becoming uninhabitable for a time in order to teach humanity a lesson. This appears to be cyclical and yet man has not yet learned to break the cycle. Or perhaps man knows instinctively that this is his cyclical role. To build as a means to destroy. To protect as a means to poison. Until "the earth just cries the skys rain" and begins to heal anew. Interesting read, thank you for sharing!"
    Posted by Dilated View on "suicidal humanity" by thefairytaleheart
  • "Even without giving out a context for this, it reeks of someone being abused by another person until that person was old enough/strong enough/had a good enough threat that would end the situation. Very sad world we live in and if you were the victim in this situation I'm so sorry to hear it. Thank you for sharing."
    Posted by Dilated View on "a family secrete" by dropsofhate
  • "Sorry if my comment was confusing, to clarify I simply thought it was a neat idea and nothing more. I didn't change my mind, still think it was a neat way to present something that is somewhat of an uncommon theme to get written about. And there is a ton of beauty in sports that is worthy of poem, and you showed some great examples of that here :)"
    Posted by Dilated View on "A few short poems about sports." by God Is In The Rain
  • "It's interesting because I think I would fall into both groups here; both observer who is wondering and the person who is pondering. I agree with harlequinn, you packed a lot of possibility into just four lines like some kind of poem grenade that, if it would explode, would send us all into existential crisis. Very cool :)"
    Posted by Dilated View on ""i pass a thousand faces a day"" by Gabriel
  • "What an interesting and fresh way to look at a common recurring theme. The idea of pillows as both a physical and metaphoric barrier to the heart and soul of another. And it would seem so easy to move those pillows aside to reach them but, as you question - are they happy enough to want to do this? If so, wouldn't they have? Or do they want to but are lost in their own head, dealing with their own stress that they simply haven't shared as a way to protect you from adding things to your plate? Such a delicate balance needed on these tightropes we walk. A very interesting read, thank you for sharing :)"
    Posted by Dilated View on "Where are you when i drift to dream" by BetaWolfinVA
  • "This was pretty heavy. The world as a wasteland, likely of our own doing. But I would imagine there would have to be others out there like you, assuming that there was "all is dead... except me". What a horrifying world that would be. Are we heading for it? Maybe. Nicely done, thank you for sharing your vision :)"
    Posted by Dilated View on "end of all " by Evil Ash
  • "I make a point to make eye contact with and say hello to homeless folks I encounter. I don't usually have anything else to give. I'll also listen when they are asking me for something and let them finish their story before I explain that I'm unable to help. The flip side to the content here in this poem is that for many, panhandling is quite profitable and a lot of these folks aren't homeless. It makes knowing who truly needs help a challenge. It's a messy situation and with no easy fix, but it seems like they are invisible enough and with little political value as a voting base so the financial focus continues to lay elsewhere. Which is super sad as well . Anyway, thank you very much for sharing!"
    Posted by Dilated View on "You or Me" by zempeck
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